All You Need to Know About Astound Broadband Powered by Wave Internet

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( — May 19, 2023) — Astound Broadband, now powered by Wave Internet, has been providing high-speed internet, cable television, and home phone services to West Coast residents for almost two decades.

West Coast locals can choose from a variety of affordable Wave Broadband plans that don’t skimp on speed or reliability.

Astound provides a wide range of plans for both cable and fiber internet.  Almost all plans are available at pretty affordable rates, and you can get download speeds ranging from 100 to 1200 Mbps.

The speed of Astound Broadband is incredible. However, as is the case with the vast majority of ISPs, you may not actually get the speeds stated for your package.

Because the speed listed on your Astound plan is the “average” speed experienced by customers, your actual connection speed may be lower or higher depending on factors like the type of equipment you’re using, the time of day, the number of devices connected to your network, and so on.

Well, enough of that; in this article, we’ll go over everything Astound Broadband has to offer in terms of plans and why it’s a great choice.

Why Choose Astound Broadband Powered by Wave?

If you do not have access to fiber, we highly recommend Wave Cable Internet. It provides speedy download times, in addition to high bandwidth and reliability. 

Wave cable internet typically offers speeds between 100 and 1000 Mbps, depending on your area. Download speeds for the middle tier of plans range between 250 and 500 Mbps.

Wave’s services can accommodate a broad spectrum of users’ speed requirements. Wave is a suitable option for everyone from single-person households with moderate data needs to huge, ultra-connected families with numerous members and a variety of linked gadgets.

In addition, Wave’s Internet services provide a lot of data to use. Except for the Gigabit plan, all of them have data caps, but even so, they’re all more than sufficient for typical home use.

For an additional monthly fee, depending on your location inside the Wave service area, you can increase your monthly data allotment by two times, or you can add unlimited data as well. But, for this, you should reach out to their customer service.

Whether you use it for basic, everyday things like online shopping and banking or for more time-consuming activities like video streaming and competitive gaming, the internet is an absolute need in today’s modern world. Choose the speed and data plan that’s best for you.

Astound Broadband powered by Wave Internet Packages & Costs

Astound simplifies its internet options by only offering three no-contract packages, each of which offers adequate download speeds and reasonable cost.

While many ISPs’ entry-level internet plans cost more than $30 per month, we applaud Astound for keeping their 100 Mbps package reasonable for the first year for just $25/mo. Their second plan, 500 Mbps, is simply priced at $45/mo.

Similarly impressive is the promotional pricing of Astound’s Gig Internet service, as it is unusual to find ISPs offering gigabit services for less than $70 per month, for just $65/mo. 

Their last plan of 1200 Mbps costs $80/mo., which might be a little pricey for some of us. However, all of these plans are at a promo price for the first 24 months, isn’t that amazing? If you have a large family that uses the internet frequently, you may want to consider upgrading to Gig Internet for an extra $10 per month.

Is It Still Worth It to Get Cable Internet in 2023?

Here are two key reasons why cable internet is still a good choice in 2023.

Superb Options for Bundling

One of the best things about paying for cable is that you can bundle it with other services to significantly reduce your monthly costs. Whether or not you choose to use it combined with your current home phone and internet setup is entirely up to you.

When you bundle multiple services together, you can save more money. If you don’t watch much TV but spend a lot of time online, a basic channel package and a fast internet connection may be all you need. You can save money by consolidating your bills rather than paying them individually.

You Can Skip the Expensive High-speed Internet Plan

We’ve all heard how crucial fast download and upload speeds are for watching videos online. Therefore, if you don’t have access to the internet, you’ll be bored to death.

Because of the importance of a stable internet connection, we advise against altogether abandoning traditional television in favor of streaming services. Nevertheless, don’t have to worry about traffic, bandwidth, or anything else when watching cable TV to pass the time on rainy days.

All in All

Getting reliable internet access can feel like a chore. If you choose wisely, your internet service provider can be just as reliable as your electricity or telephone service. Wave Internet, a high-speed provider, has fantastic promotional offers right now.

Wave Broadband is not one to mince words. The provider’s services are brief and to the point. If you want a premium cable with all the channels and customization options you want, you can have it