Redding K9 Obedience Training: In-Person Boarding & Virtual Programs Announced

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Elements K9 Training (530-457-6526), a dog training company in Redding, CA, has announced the launch of its in-person and online services.

Elements K9 Training’s newly launched in-person and online training services are designed to help dogs more easily assimilate into their owners’ lives and adapt to the world around them. The training emphasizes incrementally exposing dogs to the world so they are constantly learning and becoming more confident.

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According to Elements K9 Training, the majority of a dog’s development takes place between birth and when they are fully mature at 2 years of age. During this period, most dogs are scared, make mistakes, and have accidents. Elements K9 Training’s services aim to guide dogs through this developmental stage and become more comfortable socially.

All of Elements K9 Training’s services start with an initial interview, where trainers will get to know both the dog and the owner, giving them a chance to learn as much as they can before training starts. The owner will also be asked to discuss their dog’s history, daily routines, and behavioral tendencies.

From there, the trainers will develop a customized training program tailored to the dog’s specific needs. Some of the training modules that dogs might go through include basic obedience, dog walking, and eating etiquette. According to the company, while the contents of the programs will vary, the end goal of all programs is the same: to set both the dogs and their owners up for a lifetime of success, freedom, and happiness.

Elements K9 Training’s training programs can take place both in-person and online. For in-person training, owners can bring their dogs to Elements’ facility or their trainers can meet them at locations of their choosing. They also run a board-and-train service where dogs remain at their facility over an extended period for a more intimate and comprehensive program.

“Our passion for our canine companions developed into a career because we wanted to bridge the gap of understanding between each other at an organic level,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We believe that by developing a dog’s consistency, timing, and motivation, we’re providing them with the foundation they need to progress.”

About Elements K9 Training

Elements K9 Training is a family-owned and operated business providing customized one-on-one training for dogs of all ages, sizes, and obedience levels.

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