Minimalist Residential Service Windows With Built-In Insect Screens Announced

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Leading manufacturers of sustainable, gas strut pass-thru awning windows OpenUp Windows have announced minimalist residential service windows with built in insect screens made with durable materials designed to last.

The newly announced windows feature proprietary engineering known as 2Fold Technology which pairs heavy extruded tubular aluminum with sustainable, pest-resistant Accoya wood for an attractive yet extremely durable product. OpenUp Windows’ gas strut pass-through service windows come with a retractable pleated insect screen for convenient indoor/outdoor design continuity that keeps bugs at bay.

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With a focus on longevity, OpenUp Windows’ residential service windows connect the home’s kitchen to its patio and backyard spaces so food and beverages can be passed easily from area to area. Mindfully minimalist, the product creates a seamless feature window effect that allows a flood of natural light into the home and improves fresh air ventilation. Inventor Ed Page’s 2Fold Technology blends strength, thermal insulation, natural beauty, and utility for convenient and relaxing home entertainment.

“OpenUp gas strut pass-through awning windows integrate the indoors with the outdoors to offer spectacular views and better connection and socialization for family and guests,” says Page. “This special variety of service window holds itself up at 90 degrees while our built-in screens mean windows can stay open while the insects stay away.”

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Page brings over 40 years of window and door design experience to OpenUp Windows to ensure each order is functional, durable, and sustainable regardless of size. Standard dimensions range from 36 x 42 to 120 x 48, however, custom orders can be accommodated. Windows are precision CAD cut and constructed by a passionate team of builders who put their stamp of approval on every order assembled before it’s shipped to its destination.

Window orders offer a selection of options that include nailing flange, sill frame, and locking handle color. Framing is available in black, white, bronze, custom colors, or a natural finish, so windows blend naturally with home, cottage, or pool house architecture.

The only pass-through window in the industry backed by a 10+40-year warranty, OpenUp Windows offers homeowners a value-enhancing kitchen feature that is factory tested and pre-hung for easy installation.

An OpenUp Windows client says, “The window arrived beautifully packaged and in perfect condition; it’s our favorite feature of the house.”

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