Mt Eden Auckland Invisalign For Teens, Seniors: Clear Braces Announced

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All Smiles Dental Mt Eden (0800-255-764) has updated their treatment services for teens and adults who are seeking solutions to straighten teeth. With the Invisalign clear aligner system, dental patients can undergo straightening treatment with minimal interruptions to daily life.

The updated services at All Smiles Dental are particularly relevant for older teens, adults, and seniors who may feel self-conscious about using conventional teeth-straightening treatments, such as metal braces.

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With the revised services, there are no metal brackets or wires involved. Instead, Invisalign clear aligner trays work to straighten teeth in a subtle way.

Between 25-53% of all people require some form of orthodontic treatment throughout their lifetime. Orthodontic treatment often occurs during childhood or adolescence; however, many adults also seek treatment in later years. With clear aligner options like Invisalign, older adults may feel more confident about the process.

The Invisalign clear aligner trays created at All Smiles Dental in Mount Eden use a plastic material that is comfortable, smooth, and almost completely transparent. Patients wear the clear aligners over their teeth, and the aligners gently shift wayward teeth into the desired position. The aligners are replaced every 2-3 weeks, until treatment is complete.

In many cases, the Invisalign clear aligners are so subtle and unobtrusive that other people around the patient are unaware that treatment is occurring. The treatment offers a way for adult patients to achieve optimal orthodontic results with less intrusion into daily aesthetics and functionality.

Patients can opt to have clear aligners on top or bottom teeth only, if desired. A spokesperson from the dental practice says, “Invisalign has come a very long way since its invention in 1997; the design advances mean that there is not much in the realm of tooth alignment and orthodontics that it can’t fix.”

In cases where Invisalign may not be the best fit for a patient’s unique dental situation, there are other straightening treatments available at All Smiles Dental. These include Fastbraces, Myobrace, and conventional braces.

Patients who have been through the Invisalign process offer positive reviews. Nadia V. says, “So glad I got my Invisalign braces done with All Smiles! Super happy with the results and how my teeth look.”

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