PCM Self-Heating Jacket, Temperature Regulating Outdoor Performance Wear Launch

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Zentek Clothing Company has launched the Zen jacket, a smart performance-wear garment designed to maintain skin and body temperatures in cold climates as low as -20F.

Using heat control technology that is activated by temperature changes, the new jacket from the apparel brand has been designed to keep wearers warm in extreme weather conditions. It can be purchased from the online store in sizes XS to 2XL.

More information is available at https://www.zentekclothing.com/zen-jacket/

The latest addition to Zentek’s smart performance wear range has been lined with Comfortemp fabric, a non-woven material developed by NASA to regulate body temperatures in space suits. It contains PCM (phase-change materials) cooling packs, which absorb excess heat in high temperatures, store it as energy, and release it when skin temperatures drop. As such, it can generate both heating and cooling effects, making the Zen jacket an ideal year-round sportswear garment.

“The fabric used in these vests uses Comfortemp technology, which uses a combination of PCM capsules and mesh layering to provide maximum thermoregulation capabilities,” a spokesperson for the company explained.

Available in 8 colors in total, the purple, black, neon yellow, and orange versions of the jacket have a waterproof ripstop coating. The machine-washable garment has front and side seam pockets and is comprised of durable materials. Moreover, it is lightweight, weighing between 13oz to 15oz depending on the size.

This combination of features makes it appropriate for hiking, camping, biking, and other outward-bound activities. However, it can also help people regulate their body temperatures for a range of other reasons, such as alleviating the effects of auto-immune conditions, hot flashes, or night chills.

About Zentek Clothing Company

The apparel company was originally founded to provide pet owners with thermoregulating, water-resistant jackets that would keep their dogs comfortable in increasingly changeable temperatures.

In a bid to remedy concerns about the potential consequences of extreme weather conditions to pets, Zentek has created a selection of cooling wraps, coats, and mats that make traveling with dogs and cats easier for owners.

Zentek has since expanded its range to include clothing for humans, offering mattresses, comforters, blankets, and shoe insoles.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.zentekclothing.com

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