Common Questions By Probate Representatives: Role/Responsibility Guide Released

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Marc Cormier of Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty (301-660-6272) recently published an essential guide for personal representatives dealing with probate on his website, Guide to Probate.

The newly released guide, titled “What is Probate and the 10 Things a Personal Representative Should Know,” answers most of the common questions people have about probate. Marc Cormier sheds light on the important things anyone entrusted with overseeing the probate process should be aware of, including steps to make the estate administration task stress-free.

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In his latest piece, Mr. Cormier provides invaluable insights for personal representatives tasked with managing the probate process, given the legalities and complexities involved in transferring ownership of a deceased person’s property to others.

Mr. Cormier begins by discussing the importance of identifying and collecting all assets owed by the deceased individual. He suggests that this task be prioritized and should include everything, from real estate properties to hard assets and cash. Once completed, the personal representative can then decide what will be sold to repay debts or fund cash gifts.

According to Mr. Cormier, the next step in the process involves getting an appraisal for each item. The agent notes that if the appraised value is less than the amount owed, the property can still be sold without the estate making up for the difference.

He recommends that the representative work with a probate realtor who understands the local real estate market to help them price the property properly and maximize the amount they can receive for it.

Mr. Cormier has over twenty years of experience in probate settlements, particularly the sale of real estate assets under probate. The realtor handles the entire process, from staging and renovating the property before listing it to pricing and marketing the house to potential buyers.

The probate realtor’s services are not limited to listing and marketing inherited properties; he also provides cash-for-home solutions for those looking to sell quickly without renovating or repairing the house.

Marc Cormier says, “If you are a personal representative, there are several things you need to know as you go through the process. Keep in mind that laws for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., vary. Therefore, working with an attorney is always a good idea.”

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