New Jersey Eco-Friendly Auto Wash Chemicals & Wireless Polishers, Store Update

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J Racenstein NJ (201-809-7500), a cleaning product supplier, updated its range of auto wash products.

J Racenstein NJ is now offering a hand-picked selection of products to make day-to-day cleaning and full vehicle detailing more efficient. Its latest collection includes ProTool eco-friendly cleaners that help to reduce the environmental impact of car washing. The detergents do not harm vehicle coatings and are safe for the planet.

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For a water-repellent shine, J Racenstein NJ recommends ProTool Shine Up Soap. This formula contains polymers that prevent water spots and contaminants from drying on a vehicle’s surface, maintaining its shine for longer. Other auto wash chemicals include Power Up degreasing soap with high-foaming agents to quickly restore engine bays.

In the systems and sprayers selection, customers can find the Unger HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage unit for pure water production. The filter removes mineral ions from tap water through a deionization process producing commercial grade zero TDS pure water. This is ideal for car washing since it does not leave water marks or streaks after rinsing.

The store sells several types of polishers and accessories for a smooth and clean paintwork finish. Its ProTool Wireless Speed Polisher is a portable option that reaches speeds of 3300 to 3800 RPM, and it can be used to polish scratches, remove stains, and apply wax and sealer.

Hand polishing tools include microfiber pads with finger inserts to prevent drips during product application. Customers can also find professional-grade microfiber cloths for interior and exterior detailing. Their 16 x 16-inch size offers maximum control, and the absorbent fabric significantly reduces drying time.

About J Racenstein NJ

J Racenstein NJ began as a small operation from the owner’s Manhattan apartment in 1909. Since then, the company has continued to build and maintain relationships with leading cleaning product brands and invest in the development of new technology – providing customers with a large selection of cleaning supplies and equipment.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The products and equipment I need are always available to purchase and the store is great with delivery.”

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