Marana Home Solar Power Panel Consultant & Installer 2023 Newsletter Released

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Retired US Navy officer and Tucson native Commander Curtis has launched Tucson Solar Insider, a newsletter created to help Tucson residents take advantage of their abundant access to sunshine without being taken advantage of by bad players in the industry.

Residents of Marana enjoy over 300 days of sunshine every year. This makes them uniquely capable of harnessing this abundance of sunlight to safely and sustainably power their homes. With this in mind, Tucson Solar Insider has announced the launch of their 2023 series of newsletters.

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Founded by retired U.S. Navy officer, Tucson native, and self-described solar enthusiast Commander Curtis, Tucson Solar Insider aims to raise awareness of the benefits of home solar panels while educating its readers about the unique challenges and potential pitfalls that come with the installation of these systems.

The rapid rise in prices for conventional energy sources like oil, coal, and natural gas prompted a record-breaking 700,000 Americans to install solar panels on their homes last year, representing an increase of 40% in the residential segment of new solar installations nationwide. The highest demand is often found in places like Tucson, where access to sunlight is exceptionally consistent.

Tucson Solar Insider highlights that high demand has given rise to a booming industry offering solar panel sales and services to homeowners. But unfortunately, not every solar solutions provider operates with their customers’ best interests in mind. The newsletter explains that the seemingly simple process of installing solar panels on their home can become complicated and expensive very quickly.

“Ultimately, I think that Tucson and the United States as a whole deserve better from the Solar Industry,” Curtis says. “That’s why I created Tucson Solar Insider. Not every player in the solar industry is horrible, and putting a solar power plant on your home represents one of the greatest opportunities.”

Curtis’ newsletter offers information uniquely tailored to Marana residents to help them navigate the complex regulatory and sales landscape of the solar industry in their specific area. He hopes to assist his fellow citizens in getting the best deal for themselves and achieving energy independence while promoting the environmental benefits of more people going solar.

In addition to an archive of the newsletter, the Tucson Solar Insider website also contains a series of informative videos and articles authored by Curtis and contact information allowing readers to reach out to him directly with their questions.

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