UK Arch Window Shutters Selection: Maximising Functionality Report Released

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Shuttercraft, the United Kingdom’s largest provider of made-to-measure custom blinds and shutters, has a new report on arch window shutters selection.

Their expert design team has created Shuttercraft’s new consumer report. It focuses on the key considerations a homeowner should consider if they want shutters for their arch windows. Titled ‘Shutters for Arch Windows – How To Maximize Functionality’, Shuttercraft’s new article explains how homeowners can best take advantage of the elegant style and beauty of the arch window without compromising on function.

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Their new consumer report has been released considering the latest figures on the popularity of arch windows. Arch windows, also called half-moon or radius windows, are a common feature of historical Victorian and Georgian homes in the United Kingdom. As a recent article on Home Edit explained, they are also equally popular in new builds because they make a focal design point in a room, allow more natural light in, and are seen as timeless in style.

Shuttercraft agrees arch windows make for a focal point for a home’s design aesthetics. In their extensive work throughout the United Kingdom, they have seen that they come in many forms and sizes, including in restored and repurposed churches, in gable end and barn conversions, and in period properties, which also often feature arch windows over doorways.

Shuttercraft’s new report states they have several shutter options wherever a homeowner’s arch window or windows are.

As a fitter of made-to-measure custom window treatments, Shuttercraft explains their plantation shutters can be mounted in two ways: ‘ isolate’ the arch or ‘include’ the arch. In essence, these two styles involve segmenting the angle through crafting separately opening shutter sections or integrating the arch, which generally consists of creating two shutters that divide the whole window in half.

Shuttercraft’s new report has been released to offer homeowners a starting point for their journey into window treatments. Their design team is available online, over the phone and in homes nationwide to give prospective clients more specific advice about finishes, colours, light control, aesthetics, insulation, and more.

A spokesperson for the made-to-measure custom blinds and shutters providers said, “Arched windows are a beautiful feature in any home, but they’re one to which many window dressings don’t do full justice. This is where shutters are different. However, choosing window coverings for specially shaped windows isn’t as straightforward as choosing a style for a standard window, which is why we’re here to help.”

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