Branded Online Community For Learning Courses | Website & App Platform Launched

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Path2Excel, a leading provider of online presence solutions for solopreneurs and SMEs, announces its partnership with Mighty Networks, a platform for building branded online communities.

This recently announced collaboration marks a significant milestone in Path2Excel’s commitment to empowering content creators to reach wider audiences and drive accelerated growth. By joining forces with Mighty Networks, the team now offers content creators the opportunity to provide courses, memberships, and offers within their own branded online community.

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This community-centered approach fosters exceptional member experiences that cannot be attained through traditional chat apps or social media groups. Content creators can now connect with their audience on a deeper level, promoting enhanced engagement and higher customer satisfaction.

The partnership brings together Path2Excel’s expertise in software, strategy, resources, and education with the robust features and capabilities of Mighty Networks. This combination enables content creators to achieve results faster and more easily than ever before. Whether starting with a free community or expanding to incorporate paid memberships, Path2Excel and Mighty Networks provide all the necessary tools and support in one comprehensive platform.

One of Mighty Network’s unique features is the option to upgrade to branded mobile apps and a dedicated website. Content creators can showcase their community in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store without the complexities and risks associated with custom development. This seamless integration allows for a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity and credibility.

As part of the partnership, content creators also gain access to Mighty Community, a supportive network of fellow hosts on a similar journey. It provides a wealth of resources, events, and answers to help content creators maximize their potential and thrive in the digital landscape.

A spokesperson says: “We are thrilled to partner with Mighty Networks to revolutionize the online presence of content creators. With this collaboration, users can now unlock the power of community-centered experiences and accelerate their growth like never before.”


True to its name, Path2Excel offers the advice and resources that entrepreneurs need to fast-track their goals. Its areas of expertise include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, branding, digital marketing, and media relations. Though based in New Jersey, it caters to clients throughout the United States.

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