New “Breaking Free: Unleashing the Power of Your Side Hustle”

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Randy Eachus is launching his new book, “Breaking Free”, available through Amazon. Targeted to anyone who has ever felt like they were meant for more, or felt stuck in a day job with a burning desire to break free

Launching his brand new book, titled “Breaking Free,” Randy Eachus aims to inspire and resonate with individuals who have ever experienced a yearning for something more, faced criticism for their ambitious ideas and inventions, or found themselves trapped in mundane jobs hindered by fear. This book is a dedicated testament to those individuals. By delving into the pages of “Breaking Free,” readers are encouraged to take that courageous leap of faith, pursue their dreams with unwavering determination, and refuse to abandon the vision they hold for their lives. It serves as a reminder that the world eagerly awaits their distinctive perspectives and contributions, and that they possess the capability to achieve greatness far beyond their initial expectations. The book is set to go live on 5/20/2023, and it will be available online at

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The book aims to serve as a versatile guide applicable to any business in any industry. Its principles and strategies are universal, making them effective whether one is running a tech startup, establishing a small retail store, or launching an online consultancy service. The remarkable aspect of this guide lies in its ability to capture the essence of entrepreneurship and the fundamental mechanics of operating a successful side hustle, transcending the boundaries of specific industries.

The book’s launch generates considerable anticipation, as it not only navigates readers through the foundational aspects of initiating and nurturing a business but also equips them with tools for balancing their regular job with their newfound passion. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of maintaining mental and physical well-being throughout the journey. The thrill of pursuing financial freedom and personal fulfillment is intensified by the invaluable insights and lessons derived from accomplished side hustlers. These real-life examples offer tangible evidence of the transformative power that stems from determination, hard work, and resilience. They inspire and motivate readers, rendering the attainment of a thriving side hustle not only plausible but inevitable.

The book commences by guiding readers on how to identify and define their side hustle while aligning it with their passions and purpose. It then delves into practical aspects, encompassing strategies for time management to effectively balance a regular job with a side business. Furthermore, it offers advice on financial planning to ensure the sustainability and growth potential of the side hustle. Another crucial focus area lies in brand creation and establishing a robust market presence. The book provides actionable guidance on networking, forging strategic partnerships, and employing marketing techniques to attract and retain customers. It also explores methods for streamlining workflow and enhancing operational efficiency as the business expands.

Randy Eachus, a seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert with over three decades of experience, has established himself as a prominent figure in the business world. Since his early 20s, Randy has demonstrated a strong inclination for business ownership, successfully founding, leading, and growing multiple enterprises. Notably, he founded Digital Planet, a renowned marketing and advertising agency that specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver customized advertising solutions to clients. As the founder, Randy played various roles, including expert-level graphic design and web development. His unique combination of creative talent and technological expertise propelled Digital Planet to become a prominent player in the marketing industry.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Randy has authored the book “Breaking Free.” Rooted in his belief in the power of independence and the entrepreneurial spirit, the book explores themes that Randy has personally delved into throughout his journey of owning and operating businesses since his early 20s. His real-world experience provides invaluable insights, covering the challenges of starting and scaling a business, as well as the fulfillment that comes from overcoming obstacles and achieving success. These insights form the foundation of “Breaking Free,” guiding readers on their own path toward business ownership.

Eachus has hopes that the book will primarily inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. He believes that by sharing his experiences and insights, he can ignite a passion for business and innovation in those who may be contemplating their own entrepreneurial journey. His intention is to demonstrate that while the path of entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, it is also richly rewarding and fulfilling.. This positive outlook from the author is certainly a testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. At one point As an entrepreneur running multiple businesses and serving on several boards, time was a scarce resource. The constant demands of his work made it extremely challenging for him to carve out time to sit down and pen his experiences and insights. There were multiple instances where the weight of his professional responsibilities almost convinced him to abandon the idea of writing a book altogether. Furthermore, the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and digital marketing posed another significant challenge. Randy is well known for his expertise in these areas, and he was keenly aware that any knowledge he put to paper risked becoming outdated quickly. The pace at which new developments occur in this field is dizzying, making the task of writing a book about it quite daunting..

In a recent interview, the author made a point to thank and give gratitude to his colleagues and peers in the business world. Their persistent encouragement played a crucial role in inspiring him to embark on the journey of authorship. They constantly reminded him of the wealth of knowledge he possessed and the invaluable insights he could offer to aspiring entrepreneurs. Their belief in his ability to provide meaningful and influential content inspired Randy to share his expertise and experience in written form. He also deeply appreciates his close friends and family members, who continually supported his endeavor despite the time constraints and the extensive effort required.

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