Simpsonville Commercial Production Studio Releases Corporate Video Content Guide

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Primeau Productions (1-888-843-1550), a video production company in Simpsonville, has released a guide showing small businesses how they can use video production to gain an edge over their competition.

Primeau Productions’ new guide suggests five different kinds of videos businesses can create to help them stand out in crowded industries. Moreover, the guide considers both recorded and live video formats and explains how businesses can benefit from each.

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The first two kinds of videos that Primeau Productions recommends businesses try are explanatory videos and instructional videos. These short and simple videos help explain a product or service by describing its unique selling propositions and capabilities, and in the case of instructional videos, provide how-to instructions and demonstrations. Meanwhile, entertaining explanatory and instructional videos can help increase sales and improve customer engagement.

Another type of video they suggest businesses create is video testimonials. With these kinds of videos, customers serve as spokespeople, sharing their genuine enthusiasm for products and services with the hope of attracting new customers.

For a more personal touch, Primeau Productions recommends businesses try recording some behind-the-scenes videos. These videos allow customers “behind the curtain,” showing them the inner workings of a business and making them feel like they’re a part of its culture and story. Behind-the-scenes videos are also useful when trying to build trust and loyalty with customers.

The last kind of video, real-time or live video, offers businesses the most direct way of communicating with their customers. Through live events, Q&As, product launches, and social media live streams, businesses can interact with customers in a much more meaningful and authentic way.

“If your small business is ready to use the potential of video creation to set itself apart and grow, then read our guide,” said a spokesperson from the company. “Your company’s reputation will skyrocket if you join the video trend. Remember that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a video might be worth even more.”

About Primeau Productions

Since 1984, Primeau Productions has been providing professional video production, consulting, and marketing services to clients across the United States. Some of their clients include the Smithsonian Library, the CDC, California State University, and Bob Seger (when he was touring).

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