Custom Commercial Gas Strut Window For Extra Outdoor Bar Space: Product Update

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OpenUp Windows, manufacturers and retailers of gas strut pass-through awning windows, is updating its product line with customized commercial counter or tabletop mounted pass-through windows that allow for enhanced outdoor bar space.

OpenUp Windows remains at the forefront of their industry with advancements in product and design technologies that offer problem-solving benefits to their commercial clients. With newly announced custom-tailored pass-through windows that feature an attractive fullbound sill, bar and restaurant owners can maximize customer access which in turn, maximizes revenues.

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The bar and restaurant industry is notoriously competitive. Owners much find a way of breaking through the clutter to optimize capacity and turn over as many covers as possible. With the release of their new line of customizable table or counter-mounted commercial gas strut windows, OpenUp Windows offers bar and restaurant owners a better alternative to cumbersome sliding windows that is inviting, aesthetically appealing, and service enhancing.

“When you invest in a gas strut pass-through window, you need to be sure it not only stands the test of time but that it’s expertly crafted. Our windows check all the boxes while helping bar and restaurant owners create an attractive order-placing space that integrates seamlessly with the outdoors,” says Ed Page, inventor and founder of OpenUp Windows. “We’ve worked extensively with commercial and residential clients alike, helping them make the most of their interior and exterior areas so they can achieve their overall goals.”

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Precision cut by computers and built by hand, OpenUp Windows incorporate Page’s signature 2Fold Technology which combines extruded tubular aluminum with Accoya wood.

Heavy extruded aluminum is stronger than standard aluminum which results in a more durable frame while sustainably sourced Accoya wood, used around the sash interior and frame contributes to a heavy-duty, cost-effective, longer-lasting product.

Designed to be mounted on either a tabletop or countertop, commercial gas strut windows sit flush against their base. When opened, the window remains at a 90-degree angle to allow for full bar area exposure. The result is a minimalist feature with maximum customer access.

Customizable size, glass, and finishes make it easy for business owners to match their window installations to their existing design palette and architectural specifications. Windows are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty plus a 40-year warranty on weather and pest-proof Accoya components.

Restaurant and bar owners designing a new space or renovating a current business can expand their outdoor areas by integrating a commercial gas strut pass-through window customized to meet all their specifications.

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