Richmond Hill Synthetic Turf Sports Fields & Putting Greens: Products Expanded

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Lazy Lawn (888-622-5296), a company specializing in artificial turf distribution and installation, recently expanded its sports field and putting green options for customers in Richmond Hill.

Lazy Lawn’s expanded artificial turf options aim to help customers save time and money by providing them with durable synthetic alternatives to natural grass sports fields and putting greens. The company offers seven types of artificial turf all with different pile heights and thatches.

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According to Lazy Lawn, artificial turf was first used for sports field applications in 1965. Since then, synthetic grass technology has reached a point where it is almost indistinguishable from natural grass. Because of this, more and more sports organizations are now opting for artificial turf fields instead of natural ones.

Most Lazy Lawn artificial sports field installations follow the same process, with some minor variations depending on which sports will be played on the turf. First, their team excavates and compresses a shallow area where the turf will be installed. Afterwards, they lay down weed barriers and drainage systems before installing the turf overtop of them. The variations in the process come when striping and applying colours to the field.

The process is similar for installing putting greens. Again, an area is excavated and compressed, protective measures are laid down, and the turf is installed overtop. What’s different about putting greens is that they can be installed both outside and inside and, because of their smaller size relative to sports fields, customers can often install them themselves if preferred.

For both sports fields and putting greens, Lazy Lawn offers seven different types of artificial turf to choose from—Emerald Rye, Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Luxurious Fescue, Natural Fescue, Spring Fescue, and Viridian Rye. All of these options are meant to look, feel, and respond like natural grass would.

Artificial turf is ideal for sports fields and putting greens because of its durability and versatility, allowing athletes to play year-round without fear of having games and practices postponed due to weather. It is also very low maintenance because no periodic cleaning, trimming, or weeding is required.

“Creating a stunning athletic sports field or putting green begins with the proper space, the ideal surface selection, and a thorough plan of action,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Once that’s established, we’ll install your selected turf variety with a flawless finish and top the fresh synthetic grass with an evenly distributed layer of infill.”

Customers can get their own DIY quote for sports field and putting green artificial grass installations by visiting the Lazy Lawn website.

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