Augmented Reality Training Tools With Custom Data For Businesses Announced

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Sequel MV, an experiential marketing agency has announced innovative training tools incorporating augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies. These tools provide employers with custom data to help them understand and improve trainee participation.

The release of Sequel MV’s latest VR training tools builds on the agency’s mission to supply clients with high-quality visual content and valuable audience engagement. Their mission is founded on the belief that, if organizations want to truly stand out from the competition, they must be willing to try new customer outreach tools and techniques.

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The recent announcement also coincides with the increasingly wide adoption of VR by consumers and businesses over the last few years. XR Today, a leading VR industry news and insights resource, predicts the VR market will grow to about $1.25 billion and its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will increase to 24.2% within the next two years.

VR has proven effective in learning and training environments as well. According to an April 2023 report by FinancesOnline, a popular SaaS and B2B software platform, the retention rate of VR learning seems substantially superior to that of traditional learning methods, coming in at 75%. Audio-visual learning clocks in at 20%, reading at 10%, and lectures at only 5%.

Sequel MV’s VR training simulation tools provide unique advantages that traditional learning methods do not. By collecting user attention and engagement data – like head and eye movements and clicks – the tools allow employers to predict on-the-job performance more accurately than they would be able to if using traditional methods.

VR training tools also capture more meaningful data based on naturalistic interactions with the training environment. Besides predicting on-the-job performance, this data helps employers understand how comfortable a trainee is with a given task.

About Sequel MV

Sequel MV has served as a strategic partner for many leading companies, including Bridgestone, Firestone, and Holcim. They have recently partnered with Terminix, a large pest control company, to supply marketing video production and to build immersive simulated training experiences. Sequel MV shares assets between company divisions so creative projects never have to be started from scratch.

One satisfied client said, “We’re not always the easiest client to work for, but the Sequel team took everything we threw at them in stride. We never had to worry about a thing.”

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