Lehi, UT Water Softener Reverse Osmosis Systems Installation Service Updated

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Guardian Water Softener (801-928-8565) has announced an update to their water treatment services to help customers in Lehi, Utah improve drinking water quality.

Based in Utah, Guardian Water Softener is an experienced water treatment company, specialized in installing filtration systems for treating hard water. The company announced that its latest solutions focus on filtering chlorine-treated water.

Interested parties can find more information at: https://guardianwatersoftener.com/

The recent update from Guardian Water Softener aims to extend its’ sought-after water purification services, as Utah water is both hard and high in chlorine. The combination of high calcium carbonates and chlorine can cause material damage and pose a health risk to young children.

According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, high calcium carbonates in drinking water were associated with an increased risk of eczema for infant children. The study did not establish the effect of chlorine but found signs that it might have a similar effect.

Cities and municipalities are responsible for treating water to a level where it’s safe and palatable. One of the methods to achieve this is by treating the water with chlorine, leaving municipal water high in chlorine and hardness. Utah families must look for other solutions to attain soft and chlorine-free water, such as installing reverse osmosis and water-softening filters in their homes.

In addition to health concerns, property damage is another issue with hard water. Hard water can cause scale build-up, clogging drains and pipes and impacting the efficiency of household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Guardian Water Softener installs water-softening systems that capture the minerals causing these problems.

Guardian Water Softener installs and services water treatment systems for residential and commercial clients in Salt Lake City areas, including Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs. Founded 40 years ago by Jeff Smith, the water softener company is now an experienced family business with contractors lined up in several states.

“We live in a state where minerals are all over. You won’t get away from them, but you can keep them from damaging your home,” Jeff Smith said. “The most logical way to win the battle isn’t to mask or hide them but to simply remove them so your home, clothes, skin, appliances, and everything water touches can be enjoyed. Clean, soft, and mineral-free.”

Those interested can find more information at: https://guardianwatersoftener.com/

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