AI-Assisted CRO For B2B ECommerce Companies, Digital Marketing Service Expands

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Digital marketing agency 120/80 has expanded its AI-assisted CRO services for B2B and SaaS companies, as well as those offering professional and in-home services.

This newly expanded service will allow clients of 120/80 to power their content-powered advertising efforts using a variety of data-driven algorithmic tools. The agency can help B2B companies expand the scope of their marketing campaigns beyond typical channels to reach more specific audiences.

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120/80 has updated this service to take advantage of the growing capabilities of “smart” automation solutions which have recently taken center-stage among content marketing solutions. This service allows B2B clients to drive traffic and optimize conversion rates through newly developed and powerful means.

Specifically, this service leverages “Smart Traffic” software, which is capable of analyzing each visitor to a landing page in order to customize that page in ways that make visitors more likely to convert. These tools employ the same situational A/B testing and dynamic insertion tactics that have been used in broad-scale advertising for several years, but in this case, they are available on a highly personal, client-scale level.

In addition to these tools, 120/80 also uses algorithmic tools to locate optimized ad placements in locations where they are most likely to be successful.

These tools are designed around the idea that CRO efforts are best spent on targeting qualified leads among a website’s existing traffic, rather than attempting to draw in new traffic from outside channels. To that end, 120/80 has developed algorithmic solutions to be employed on home pages, landing pages, and blog entries – areas of a site that are most important in the lead conversion process.

These solutions have been created based on a large volume of case study research conducted by 120/80 in partnership with outside researchers. The tools are also designed to be integrated directly with existing CRM software thanks to the agency’s partnership with HubSpot, the industry leader in inbound marketing software.

Interested parties can visit the 120/80 website to request a custom proposal based on their budgetary requirements and existing online infrastructure. The studies that drove the creation of this software can also be explored on their website, with information available on specific benefits experienced by their preliminary client base.

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