Professional PPC Management For SaaS, Lead Generation Automation Launched

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A new digital marketing firm is offering their debut PPC management service package to SaaS clients.

120/80, a new name in the digital marketing industry, is offering a new service package to give clients in the SaaS industry a range of options to meet their data-driven marketing and PPC needs. These new options are included in the firm’s paid marketing management service package, which seeks to generate leads through a multi-faceted approach.

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Clients utilizing this new service will be able to access end-to-end digital marketing automation services to promote their businesses across many high-traffic channels. 120/80 can promote content on Microsoft, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Quora, providing clients with a degree of freedom when choosing where and how front-facing promotional material will appear.

This PPC service can also be used in the retargeting process, intended to help businesses reconnect with leads who previously visited web content, but did not convert. Through optimization strategies, the service can appeal more specifically to those clients to boost the chances of conversion.

Other automation options available in this package include the ability to create AI-assisted A/B content intended to pull in existing leads, rather than draw in new ones. Through dynamic name insertion and data analysis, this service can build many different landing pages designed to appeal to every visitor on an individual level.

120/80 conducts data collection ahead of each campaign to determine the most effective strategies for every target market. The firm allows for the close monitoring of ad spend and click-through rates for each campaign, creating a full picture of the effectiveness of a client’s promotional content.

These methods have been tested by an initial client group, many of whom reported substantial increases in their month-over-month acquisition rates. Case studies regarding the effectiveness of the 120/80 program are available on their website, alongside industry-specific data and testimonials.

120/80 is a platinum HubSpot partner, with the expertise and dynamic strategic abilities to stay on top of an ever-shifting market landscape. They can connect their clients with CRM and automation solutions to meet their marketing needs.

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