Diversity Job Board For LGBT Professionals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Online job board WorkplaceDiversity, connects professional talent from varying backgrounds with companies championing diversity and inclusion have launched their services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, enabling LGBT job seekers to find their ideal employer.

With many companies seeing only a slight increase in diversity over the past two decades LGBT professionals within this sector continue to face challenges in obtaining leadership roles that offer equitable wages. Online job board WorkplaceDiversity is helping to close this gap. Newly launched services in Williamsburg will help professionals find the roles they want at companies that prioritize pay commensurate with experience.

More information is available at https://workplacediversity.com/contact-us

Statistics reveal diverse organizations tend to outperform their less-diverse counterparts. In today’s environment, close to 75 percent of job seekers express a preference for diverse workplace cultures. The WorkplaceDiversity job board will help talent searching for their ideal role in Williamsburg and companies that champion diversity connect with one another.

“Right now, we have over 500 jobs available in Brooklyn, NY,” says a Dan Provost of WorkplaceDiversity. “We are the longest standing recruitment tool for diversity hiring.”

Workplace diversity offers immediate, tangible, and long-term benefits for companies, including increased creativity, better problem-solving, higher employee engagement, improved employee retention, and an overall better reputation which can offer a competitive advantage.

The WorkplaceDiversity job board offers roles in a full range of capacities which can be found instantly listed by inputting relevant job search information into the keyword/location search on the platform’s home page.

Similarly, companies seeking qualified talent can post a range of available positions and can explore the platform’s many employer packages. Options start from a basic posting, which allows the institution to set up a profile with their logo, contact information, website and social media accounts.

Spotlighted job listings are featured at the top of the platform’s home page and appear on the job seekers home page as well. Featured listings allow for increased visibility by appearing on the WorkplaceDiversity landing page, just above job listings.

With newly launched services in Williamsburg, WorkplaceDiversity helps professionals from all backgrounds search for and find their ideal career, while companies working to achieve their recruitment goals can access a more diverse talent pool when they list available positions on the site.

Learn more at https://workplacediversity.com

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