Solar Panel & EV Charger Installation: Electrician Services Expanded in Livonia

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Streamline Electric, an electrical contractor in Detroit (877-830-2377), recently expanded its electrical services for customers in Livonia, MI. When it comes to your residential or commercial electrical needs, Streamline Electric is your one-stop shop; we’ve got you covered!

With the expansion, Streamline Electric is providing customers in Livonia with affordable and reliable electrical services, solar panel installations, and electrification upgrades. The company’s knowledgeable electricians have a combined 20 years of experience working in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

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In terms of standard electrical services, Streamline Electric offers a wide variety of solutions. They can install, repair, and maintain electrical panels, lighting systems, fire alarms, wiring, water heaters, generators, and much more. Their services are entirely customizable too, tailored to the customer’s specific electrical needs.

The company can also set customers up with solar panel systems. For these installations, their technicians start by assessing the customer’s roof for suitability, checking its size, shape, and condition. They also look into the local climate and building regulations. Once approved, their technicians will install the solar panels and create a maintenance plan for extending their lifespan.

Lastly, Streamline Electric offers electrification upgrades for customers who want to make their homes or businesses more energy-efficient and sustainable. As part of this service, their technicians can install EV charging stations, energy-saving appliances, and updated lightbulbs.

With all of its services, Streamline Electric starts with a consultation. During this consultation, one of their technicians will visit the customer’s home or business to assess the situation, discuss the scope of the project and their electrical needs, and provide a project proposal and detailed quote. Once the customer is satisfied with the proposal, their technicians will set up a day to perform the work.

“Your home’s electrical system is one of its most essential components,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Your home wouldn’t be able to operate properly if it didn’t have electricity. That’s why it’s important to partner with Livonia’s most experienced electricians for all your electrical needs.”

About Streamline Electric

Streamline Electric has been providing professional electrical solutions to customers across the Metro Detroit area since 2012. The company’s electricians are all licensed, insured, trained, and certified in the latest electrical systems, tools, codes, and techniques.

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