Woodland Hills Sedation Dentistry For Damaged, Decayed Or Chipped Teeth Updated

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The Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985) has updated its sedation options, allowing clients to choose between four options for painless dentistry, regardless of if their procedure is general, cosmetic, or surgical.

In response to the growing number of clients who delay dental work due to concerns about pain, or phobias of the dentist, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute has updated its sedation options and made them available for its full range of dental procedures.

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Clients can now access four distinct levels of sedation during their appointment, which are administered before their treatment begins, to ensure that their entire visit is painless. This option is also available for individuals with additional needs, patients with phobias, and clients undergoing cosmetic smile makeovers.

To access sedation options, clients are encouraged to discuss their needs with the dental team when booking an appointment. While there are four sedation options available, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute will work individually with each client to find the optimal solution for their procedure, to eliminate any pain while still allowing them to remain conscious.

For minor pain, the dental team will often suggest nitrous oxide, which is more commonly known as laughing gas. This fast-acting option helps to reduce anxiety and eliminate pain, while also being quick to wear off after the procedure, with no lingering side effects.

For more extensive operations, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute offers oral conscious sedation. This option helps clients to stay awake and aware during their procedure, while also remaining entirely calm, and feeling no pain. However, since this sedation option is known to last longer, clients will be required to arrange transportation home, after their appointment.

Today more commonly used for the very nervous patient, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute also provides two deeper levels of sedation, which are administered by trained, licensed, and certified anesthesiologists. Clients can choose between IV sedation, which will keep them deeply relaxed throughout their visit, or general anesthesia, which will allow them to sleep through the entire process.

While sedation options are available for the full range of treatments, including cosmetic repairs, smile makeovers, and the clinic’s All-On-4 procedure for surgically implanted dentures, clients are encouraged to discuss their sedation needs in advance, when scheduling an appointment.

One satisfied client said, “I am thrilled with the results, and I know that I specifically chose the right doctor for the procedure. Thank you again for bringing my confidence back, I can show my beautiful smile now without being awkward.”

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