Atlanta Functional Medicine For Brain Fog, Fatigue & Low Energy Announced

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Conscious Medicine, a holistic medical clinic based in Atlanta GA, announces the launch of integrative functional medicine services to help clients resolve brain fog, fatigue, sleep issues, low energy, and diabetes.

The launch of the new services aims to alert potential clients to the comprehensive consultations and health programs of the clinic’s Integrative functional medicine services. Each consultation starts with identifying the root cause of the patient’s concerns and then takes a structured approach to move them out of disease and into vitality.

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With the latest service launch, Conscious Medicine reinforces its mission to individualized medical care and to a healthcare approach that views the patient’s body as a holistic system. This approach addresses the shortcomings of conventional medicine’s approach, which is based on artificial divisions of the body.

Functional medicine employs a systems-based approach to the patient-practitioner partnership to treat the underlying causes of disease efficiently and effectively. It aims to educate and empower patients to foster the restoration of the body’s innate healing intelligence. Conventional medicine, by contrast, takes a largely pharmaceutical and disease management approach to treat acute cases.

Conscious Medicine offers an approach to working with patients that combines the best of conventional medicine with functional medicine. Practitioners work to gain a detailed understanding of the patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors to address issues such as brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, low energy, diabetes, and excess weight.

Visit Conscious Medicine’s blog to learn more about brain fog and other issues to which functional medicine may be applied.

Together, the patient and the doctor devise a plan to restore healthy functionality to the former’s physical, mental, and emotional sub-systems.

Conscious Medicine was founded in 2015 to offer an integrative medical health and wellness model that addresses the root cause of disruptions in patients’ health. Their innovative and integrative assessments are designed to help patients discover health challenges.

One satisfied customer said, “Conscious Medicine has really helped me during my healing journey. I’ve dealt with discomfort and stomach pains for years, and they were able to find the root cause and work on healing it. Other doctors couldn’t find the issue, and I spent so much money trying to find it myself. I’m excited for the next steps with Dr. Tru and her continued treatment plan.”

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