Rockville, MD Probate Listing Agent, Realtor For Home Sale: Service Launched

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Mark Cormier at Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty (+1-301-660-6272) has announced a new update to the agency’s probate services in Rockville.

The updated service covers every area of the probate process – from property valuation to listing and marketing. Marc Cormier will also act as an intermediary between clients and interested parties, including buyers or attorneys.

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The probate property sales process is different from a traditional home sale, and can take months longer, Marc explains. Through the new service update, he offers end-to-end solutions ranging from monitoring legal deadlines to guiding clients through complex tax issues.

Marc and his team will ensure that the property sales process adheres to specific state regulations governing probate, and help to gain court approval for the sale.

Probate is the legal procedure for administering an individual’s estate after their passing, and often poses challenges for beneficiaries. Understanding the complexities creates a smooth transition. As probate realtor, Marc Cormier can assist at every stage – recommending professionals to appraise and prepare the home ready for sale.

As inheriting parties must decide whether to sell the probate property as-is or invest in upgrades, they will need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option. As such, Marc Cormier offers objective considerations to aid beneficiaries in making informed decisions.

For those who wish to take their property sale further, Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty can arrange for decluttering or packing services, update properties with paint and carpeting, and connect property owners with interested buyers.

The agency will represent the estate in negotiations with buyers and facilitate the closing process when an acceptable agreement has been reached, including coordinating with any attorneys or escrow companies involved.

A spokesperson states: “It can be confusing and overwhelming if you do not know what steps need to be taken when someone dies, which is why having an experienced professional by your side will help make things easier.”

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