DIY Sewing Patterns Instructions For Baby Bibs & Onesies With Lessons Launched

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Sewing Pattern Secrets, a quick-growing platform for American sewists, has added new sewing patterns, instructions and lessons for baby bibs and onesies.

The platform offers its members a new pattern every month, and this month they have released a new package of patterns that features designs for both baby bibs and baby onesies.

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Sewing Pattern Secrets believes that its recently added baby bibs and onesies are both quick and easy to complete and practical. Especially for new mothers, or for those sewists who have a new mom in their life, Sewing Pattern Secrets knows one can never have too many bibs and onesies.

Sewing Pattern Secrets specializes in one-hour projects. That is, in creating sewing machine patterns for apparel and handicrafts that can be completed in as little as one hour. Sewing Pattern Secrets now has over 125 available one-hour projects on their website with options for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, and for fun arts and crafts sewing ideas.

All the sewing machine patterns on Sewing Pattern Secrets come with a step-by-step instruction list and, for beginner sewists, the site also links each pattern to applicable lessons and tutorials from their online classroom. They also include material and cutting lists, detailed garment schematics, and views of the completed project from all angles.

Unlike standard online sewing patterns, the patterns on Sewing Pattern Secrets have been made and tested by professional seamstresses. This means that, by following the provided instructions, sewists of all levels will be able to see the project through to completion.

For their new baby bibs and onesies, the quick-growing sewing platform believes the sky’s the limit when choosing prints, colors, and creative designs. That’s why they also have a helpful hub of information for sewists who want to learn more about different fabrics, stitches, and sewing styles, as well for those sewists who want to learn complementary crafts like embroidery, which can be used to further decorate a bib or onesie.

A spokesperson for the popular platform for American sewists said, “Sewing Pattern Secrets makes it easy to create clothing for your entire family along with lots of other sewing projects… no matter whether you’re just starting out or you have years of experience. You can take on all of these projects at your own pace and develop and improve your skills and techniques. This will help you tackle any type of sewing project you can possibly think of.”

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