Concord, ON Summer Daycare & Educational Camp For Children Aged 3-12 Announced

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EYES Child Care (416-901-5434) has announced an update to their educational summer camps in Concord, Ontario for children aged 3-12.

EYES Child Care’s recently updated summer camps include a wide range of engaging and educational activities that focus on developing a child’s social, physical, cognitive, and intellectual skills.

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The update also sees the daycare provider offer summer camps for children throughout the Greater Toronto region, making it easier for parents to find one close to their home or place of work.

During the summer months, many parents need to find daycare services for their children, however, not all daycare centres are made equal. As children aged 3-12 are at the peak of their learning and developmental stages, continuing their education during summer is essential for preparing them for the future. That’s why EYES Child Care’s summer camps offer more than just a place for monitored play, but also an active and engaging learning environment.

The daycare provider’s summer camp programs cover a wide range of topics, from academic areas such as math and science to sports and creative subjects, including art, yoga, dance, and cooking. Attending children are also encouraged to improve their social and leadership skills by interacting with other children and the centre’s adult carers.

EYES Child Care’s summer camps include outdoor activities, including nature walks and picnics, so children are not restricted to only being inside the centre during the warm summer months.

Having been in business since 1999, the centre’s team has over twenty years of experience in providing educational environments for children. Additionally, all of the centres are staffed by qualified and trained ECE (Early Childhood Education) staff, giving them the skills to meet the needs and expectations of children and their parents.

Alongside their summer camps, the company also provides year-round daycare with holistic educational and developmental learning programs. The Concord-based daycare provider’s other locations include Ilderton, Kitchener, Burlington, Scarborough, Brampton, Nobleton, Woodbridge, Aurora, and Barrie.

A spokesperson for EYES Child Care said, “During summer our educational camps promote a love of learning within each child. We help children to develop social skills and creativity through various learning opportunities in a variety of disciplines.”

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