Mid-Market Job Advertising SaaS Automation Tools With Real-Time Data Updated

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A job advertising automation SaaS company has expanded their services to better serve mid-sized businesses.

JobAdX, the developers of programmatic job advertising software, have announced new features added to their Optimize and Exchange platforms. These features will allow mid-sized clients to advertise jobs across hundreds of ad exchange platforms through the use of dynamic, AI-assisted placement tools.

To learn more, visit https://www.jobadx.com/

This expansion to the JobAdX programmatic job advertising ecosystem is intended to help companies with relatively small workforces draw in qualified talent and compete with larger companies in their sectors. To that end, their products feature a range of automation and analysis tools that allow those clients to approach job advertising with maximum efficiency.

These changes have been made in response to a recent study that found that a typical hiring search will involve wasting nearly 40% of ad spend on non-targeted advertising. The JobAdX ecosystem is optimized to only place ads where they are most likely to be seen by qualified traffic, with data-driven automation tools to refine campaigns as they progress.

JobAdX’s Optimize platform allows clients to take full control over these data-driven tools, with high-quality real-time reporting on CTR and price-per-click. Job advertising campaigns can then be adjusted in response to this data, moving ads to higher traffic or more qualified networks mid-campaign.

In contrast, their Exchange platform facilitates a hands-off approach to the advertising process, with algorithmic automation tools that handle those adjustments automatically.

These two platforms can be used in tandem to drive exposure across the hundreds of job boards that JobAdX is partnered with.

These tools, along with the recent changes to these platforms, are designed to help mid-market clients find candidates quickly even when operating on a limited advertising budget. Their lightweight software and accessible dashboard allow for a high degree of control over all factors, including ad placement and budget.

The JobAdX software is powered by a small, dedicated team of professional developers, many of whom have worked exclusively in the advertising automation sector. Their expertise has helped many of the most well-known mid-market companies globally find talent faster and more efficiently. Interested parties can find a free tour of the software on the company’s website.

For more information, visit https://www.jobadx.com/

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