Job Advertising Software With Easy Setup To Reduce Cost Per Applicant Updated

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A leading programmatic job advertising software developer has updated their platform to help small hiring teams reduce their cost per applicant.

This update will apply across both the JobAdX Optimize and Exchange platforms, with enhanced analytics to help hiring teams more effectively react to shifting markets. These programmatic automation and analysis tools make up a SaaS ecosystem attuned to the needs of mid-market clients, with special attention paid to budget control capabilities.

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These updated toolkits are intended to be a lightweight solution to a growing problem for recruiters, namely the resource divide between large corporate hiring teams and their smaller, mid-level competition. This update is a continuation of JobAdX’s mission to help bridge that gap with dynamic automation solutions.

Specifically, these tools can be used to place ads programmatically across hundreds of job boards from a single dashboard. The software offers recruiters variable controls over ad spend, placement rates, and other essential factors with by-the-minute monitoring capabilities to help those hiring teams adjust their campaigns as they progress.

These capabilities are spread across JobAdX’s two platforms, each of which offers unique benefits.

For example, JobAdX Optimize hosts many of the updated analytical capabilities that allow for fine-tuned ad campaigns. These analytics allow goal-driven hiring teams to use the platform in a highly effective way, especially when utilized to place ads on many of the high-traffic or industry-specific networks that the company is partnered with.

JobAdX Exchange, on the other hand, functions in a more traditional manner, granting access to a wide range of proprietary automation solutions. These tools are algorithmically powered and designed to adapt to click-through rates and other factors, concentrating ad spend in high-traffic areas while reducing placements with lower CTR.

These two platforms are intended to fill the same niche as other popular front-facing advertising platforms, bringing the tools that many advertisers rely on to the job recruitment ecosystem.

Similarly to this latest CPA optimization update, this software is constantly being adjusted to allow for maximum end-user benefits. It has already been used by many well-known mid-market clients to optimize recruitment campaigns and find qualified talent, with continuous live support from a dedicated team of developers.

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