Queens Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies For Hormonal Imbalance Updated

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Functional medicine center Patients Medical (212-794-8800) has expanded its services to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to residents in Queens to address hormone imbalances.

The expansion aims to provide increased support to individuals suffering from symptoms related to hormone imbalances. For patients who believe they may have a hormone imbalance, Patients Medical can issue a comprehensive initial exam, including advanced testing methods that measure hormone levels in the body.

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.patientsmedical.com/treatments/hormonal-imbalances.aspx

With this expansion, the practice hopes to encourage Queens community members who are experiencing chronic fatigue, hot flashes, irregular periods, unwanted weight gain, decreased libido, or mood disruptions, to seek its specialized treatment. Through comprehensive testing, Patients Medical can determine the underlying cause of a patient’s hormone-related symptoms and develop a personalized treatment plan to bring their hormones back into balance.

While hormone imbalances can be experienced by both women and men, this condition is much more common in women. Female hormone imbalances are most commonly caused by an overproduction or deficiency of testosterone, estrogen, and/or progesterone. Dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as supplementation, can help rebalance hormones. Hormone replacement therapy is another effective treatment method.

Patients Medical takes a functional medicine approach to treating hormone imbalances, which means it focuses on diagnosing and treating the underlying cause rather than masking symptoms. Depending on a patient’s condition, the practice may prescribe dietary changes like reducing sugar intake and increasing the consumption of healthy fats and fiber. When appropriate, Patients Medical can prescribe natural or bioidentical hormones that will replace the patient’s deficient hormones and restore balance.

Since 1974, Patients Medical has served residents of Manhattan and surrounding communities with holistic, integrative medical care. The practice is comprised of holistic physicians with varying specializations, including gynecologists, nutritionists, internists, and family practitioners. Over the past 50 years, Patients Medical has developed unique treatment protocols for multiple conditions, including Lyme Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, thyroid complications, hormone imbalances, heart disease, stroke, and others.

“We are a holistic wellness center dedicated to helping you discover health and rediscover vitality,” said one spokesperson for the practice. “Many of our patients have been with us for over 10+ years and continue to be part of our family where we provide them with support, health, and healing. We welcome new patients.”

Interested parties can learn more and schedule an appointment with Patients Medical by visiting https://www.patientsmedical.com/

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