Multimedia Content Marketing Service For Real Estate Launched By Sebset

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Sebset Digital Agency announces its new multimedia marketing solutions that allow real estate businesses to build a stronger online presence and improve lead acquisition.

Sebset Digital Agency introduced its AI-enabled multimedia brand visibility platform to offer realtors and real estate consultants a consistent and reliable way of sourcing new leads. Clients can benefit from a hands-off approach, with Sebset handling the content creation and digital placement aspects of the process.

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Unlike traditional digital marketing strategies that rely on SEO and pay-per-click advertising, Sebset’s newly announced solution utilizes branded content placements on high-visibility platforms to drive targeted traffic to the broker’s website.

Digital placements on authority sites can improve clients’ online credibility and create awareness about their services, Sebset explains. The branded digital assets are created in various formats to capture prospective customers’ attention. The agency’s latest service includes content in audio, video, blog article, infographic, and slideshow formats.

Anthony Thomas Parker, CEO and founder of Sebset Digital Agency, notes that most people prefer to learn about a company through content rather than traditional advertisements. By providing information about the real estate business and their current listings in various multimedia formats, Sebset allows the realtor to tap into a wider pool of audiences they may not have reached with traditional channels alone.

“A deep understanding of the challenges homebuyers face and a concerted effort to create content that addresses these issues are crucial to the results we have generated for clients,” says Parker. “Our passion at the Sebset Digital Agency is to help our clients in every way we can to achieve their goals and to ensure we provide quality service in a timely and affordable manner.”

The agency’s new solutions leverage the expertise of its team of writers, advertising professionals, and creatives to craft informative and engaging digital assets and drive online visibility and business growth for clients.

Following the announcement, realtors are encouraged to arrange a consultation with the agency to discuss the marketing approach and how it can be deployed for them.

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