Content Marketing Strategies For Chiropractors, Online Visibility Service Update

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Chiropractors who are looking to improve their practices’ online visibility can take advantage of Srika Solutions’ expanded range of content creation and marketing services.

Following the announcement, the team at Srika Solutions creates hyper-targeted local content to increase the exposure of a chiropractor’s practice and their services whenever prospective patients search for their services in their local area.

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The marketing agency’s expanded suite of services encompasses the development and promotion of carefully curated content, such as blog posts and videos, for high-profile sites.

A spokesperson for Srika Solutions said, “It’s typical for our clients to see a significant increase in their Google Maps exposure, number of calls, and overall patient visits from our created marketing content.”

In the past, local brick-and-mortar businesses relied on word-of-mouth marketing and passing trade. However, in today’s digital age, an estimated 98% of consumers are turning to the internet to find and research businesses and their services before making a purchasing decision. This trend has made establishing a solid digital presence a vital part of any local business’s marketing strategy.

To help chiropractors take advantage of this trend, Srika Solutions has developed its customised content marketing services for practices offering alternative medicine solutions.

As the agency explains, their research discovered that 72% of consumers who performed a local search online for a service visited a business within 5 miles of their location. By leveraging these insights, Srika Solutions has developed a hyper-focused marketing strategy that includes the creation of content targeting specific niches in order to maximise the exposure of a client’s services.

Once developed and distributed, content created by Srika Solutions can increase the visibility of a chiropractor’s services in local search results for those seeking treatments for neck, back, and hip pains, sports injuries, or whiplash. The content can also be tailored to highlight treatments for specific conditions, including arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis.

By combining its local area insights with its industry expertise, the team can provide customised and focused marketing solutions for chiropractors and other medical professionals.

“Our team consists of writers, developers and advertising professionals that have helped hundreds of businesses get more clients, patients and customers in a variety of industries,” the spokesperson adds.

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