Bronnie Bakes Announces Digital Recipe Book With Health Eating Tips, Advice

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Bronnie Bakes has announced an online cookbook containing healthy, easy-to-make recipes.

The new Bronnie Bakes cookbook contains over 10,000 recipes and tips on nutrition, grocery shopping for fresh produce, food and drink preparation, food safety, beginner’s guides for aspiring home chefs, and more. As the cookbook is hosted online, it’s updated with new entries on a regular basis.

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The announcement reflects a growing trend toward conscious eating worldwide. According to a survey conducted by BusinessDIT, 64% of consumers consider health an important influencing factor when purchasing food and beverages; 43% of consumers “always” look for healthy options, while health-conscious consumers account for about 25-30% of all grocery store customers in the US and Europe, explains the company.

As Haley Schroeder, founder of Bronnie Bakes, believes that food is an important source of fuel, the recipes listed on the Bronnie Bakes blog were created with both nutrition and taste in mind.

Blog entries are displayed in the order they were posted, but they can be categorized by meal type, allowing users to search for recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or desserts. Users can also filter their search for recipes containing specific ingredients, such as chicken, beef, or vegetables. Additionally, Bronnie Bakes’ blog contains tips for drink preparation, including in-depth guides on cocktails and specialty coffee.

The recipes available on the website range from blueberry compote and classic lemon tarts to restaurant-grade flounder francaise and spinach-stuffed salmon. Each recipe uses common ingredients that can be found at the grocery store, making the dishes accessible for home chefs. Should an ingredient on the list be harder to come by, the blog posts also list substitutes that can be used instead.

About Bronnie Bakes

Bronnie Bakes was founded by Haley Schroeder, whose battle with anemia prompted her to take a keen interest in nutrition. Through comprehensive graduate school courses, her work with her professional nutritionist, and her own reading, Schroeder has amassed a wealth of knowledge on healthy eating, nutritional label interpretation, and food preparation, and hopes to share it with other people.

“Our aim is to provide you with easy, delicious meals that will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day ahead,” says Schroeder. “We believe that eating healthily doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor and quality ingredients.”

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