Bagworth Roof & Gutter Cleaning: One-Day Moss & Debris Removal Service Update

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Mac’s Cleaning Services (+44-7563-280-886) has announced updates to its residential roof and gutter clearing options in Bagworth. Mac’s cleaning services based in Hinckley also cover the surrounding areas such Burbage, Market Bosworth, Desford, Earl Shilton, Nuneaton, Narborough, Lutterworth & Leicester to name a few

With its latest update, the local service provider offers Bagworth residents access to environmentally-friendly roof and gutter cleaning solutions. Mac’s Cleaning Services exclusively adheres to non-toxic treatment techniques that are safe to be used around children and animals.

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The Hinckley-based service provider is now recommending that homeowners in the town consider contacting a cleaning professional and scheduling a session if they have not done so in the past 6 months. This year’s late spring and summer period is bringing dryer weather and longer days, which allow roofs and gutters to be cleared more safely and efficiently. As such, Mac’s Cleaning Services can clear most roofs and gutters within a day. To further accelerate the process, the cleaning team will bring their own mobile tower which eliminates the need for scaffolding to be set up. Mac’s cleaning services based in Hinckley also cover the surrounding areas such Burbage, Market Bosworth, Desford, Earl Shilton, Ibstock, Nuneaton, Narborough & Lutterworth & Leicester to name a few

“On the day of your cleaning, our team will arrive on time and ready to work. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough clean, and we take great care to protect your property and landscaping during the cleaning process”, a spokesperson for the company explained.

The company’s process begins with scraping and wire brushing to remove dirt, moss, and debris from roof tiles. If left to build up, this material can harbour bacteria and pose a threat to the home’s structural integrity, as well as to the health of its inhabitants. The cleaners will then apply a biocide treatment which kills harmful microorganisms and deters moss from regrowing.

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The company can also use its cleaning expertise to restore gutters to their optimal functionality, effectively channelling water away from property foundations. It uses a specialised vacuum with 50ft carbon fibre poles to ensure the gutters can still be reached, even on homes with extensions or conservatories.

This specialised gutter vacuum is equipped with a camera that ensures a thorough clean every time. Optionally, the company can provide drone footage comparing the condition of the roof before and after the work is completed.

Mac’s Cleaning Services is committed to sustainable business practices by choosing techniques and products that avoid environmental damage, in addition to using fuel-efficient vehicles and equipment.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +44-7563-280-886.