ftNFT Welcomes the Summer Season in Dubai with Big NFT Art Exhibitions

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ftNFT, the trending NFT phygital space, is excited to announce the arrival of the summer season in Dubai with hosting phygital art exhibitions.

ftNFT Welcomes the Summer Season in Dubai with Big Art Exhibitions

Dubai, UAE, June 2023 – ftNFT, the trending NFT phygital space, is excited to announce the arrival of the summer season in Dubai with hosting phygital art exhibitions. These exhibitions feature renowned artists from all over the world. To name a few ftNFT is hosting UAE-based Belgium artist F.man, the Italian artist Salvaem inspired by his global travels, the Japanese VR star, internationally renowned VR artist Aimi Sekiguchi, and the trade mark international artist VESA.

F.man, the idealistic artist known for her innovative techniques and diverse artistic styles, F.man’s immersive art installations combine painting, sculpture, photography, performance, digital art, light art, and technology. Her works are exhibited across the globe, captivating audiences with their depth, emotion, and magnetism. F.man’s previous exhibitions have been featured in prestigious venues such as the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi and the Sea of Culture Foundation Sharjah. The ftNFT & F.man’s collaboration starts with an exhibition at the Dubai Mall in May 2023, followed by a highly anticipated exhibition at the Mall of the Emirates, starting on June 3rd. These exhibitions will showcase F.man’s unparalleled talent in creating art depth and emotion.

Italian artist Salvaem has partnered with ftNFT to showcase his unique Yeshua’s collection, which draws inspiration from his global travels and vibrant street art. The collaboration is featured at the ftNFT phygital space in Dubai Mall’s Chinatown, with a grand opening ceremony scheduled for May 28, 2023. Through the ftNFT platform, attendees can engage with NFTs and experience the captivating artworks first-hand, celebrating the fusion of traditional artistry and digital innovation.

Aimi Sekiguchi, the internationally renowned Japanese artist in Virtual Reality (VR), unveiled her latest artistic creations and cultural explorations on May 26 at the ftNFT Phygital Space in Dubai Mall. Sekiguchi’s solo exhibition will immerse visitors in a unique phygital experience, allowing them to interact with art in a new and captivating way. With her innovative use of VR technology, Sekiguchi pushes the boundaries of artistic expression and invites viewers to question the possibilities of merging physical and digital realms.

VESA, an award-winning digital art pioneer, is collaborating with ftNFT and AKNEYE to showcase the innovative fusion of physical and digital art through the AKNEYE sculpture. This collaboration represents a milestone for both VESA and ftNFT, highlighting the transformative impact of NFTs on the art world. The partnership aims to redefine how art is experienced and appreciated, establishing ftNFT as a leading force in the NFT industry and providing art enthusiasts with a unique environment to explore.

ftNFT continues to stand out in how art is experienced and shared by cutting-edge technologies and community engagement. The art exhibitions in Dubai demonstrate ftNFT’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and providing artists and art enthusiasts a platform to explore new borders.

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