Sustainable Gas Strut Awning Windows For Indoor, Outdoor Bar Space Announced

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OpenUp Windows, manufacturing retailers of gas strut pass-through windows with 2Fold® Technology, announce kitchen awning windows with UV protection for comfortable indoor/outdoor living and extra outdoor bar space.

The newly announced window features are now the standard at OpenUp Windows. The company uses insulated tempered glass enhanced by a thin metal layer applied to the inboard area of the outer of two window panes. This layer reflects UV rays to protect indoor floors and furnishings, and prevent the sun from heating up home interiors. OpenUp Windows open to a 90-degree angle to connect kitchens with outdoor bar areas, decks, and pool areas, creating extra space for more comfortable indoor/outdoor living.

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With the growing importance of outdoor living at home, pass-through windows are becoming increasingly popular. They enhance indoor/outdoor liveability while increasing the value of the home. Newly introduced UV protection and coating options at OpenUp Windows take the benefits of their sustainable gas strut awning windows a step further to preserve the longevity and aesthetics of indoor spaces.

“Our standard glass offering is a hard coat electrolytically applied coating to lower what’s called the SHGC, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. In practical terms, the lower the number the better for the homeowner,” says a company spokesperson. “For homeowners living in areas with more extreme sun – those in the southern states for example – we also offer glass with double-silver and triple-sliver coating.”

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The standard option now at OpenUp Windows is 1” thick insulated glass, known as the IG package. IG is made up of two pieces of 3/16” tempered glass for safety, separated by a black spacer to create a 5/8th” air pocket between the two panes, doubling the quality of insulation. This insulation is further increased with UV reflecting design that reflects long-wave heat radiation.

A distinct feature differentiating OpenUp Windows from others in this sector is their 2Fold® Technology, created by company owner Ed Page. Page brings over 40 years of window design and engineering expertise to OpenUp Windows, and developed 2Fold Technology which combines the strength of heavy extruded tubular aluminum with the strength and natural beauty of sustainable Accoya® wood.

With OpenUp Windows’ commitment to quality and innovation, homeowners can embrace a sustainable and stylish gas strut kitchen awning window to enhance their indoor/outdoor living and add space and convenience to their outdoor bar areas.

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