Chattanooga Concrete Retaining Wall Contractor; Decorative Design Options Update

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Chattanooga-based Patriot Concrete (423-403-3747) updates its retaining wall solutions, now offering an enhanced selection of stone and masonry designs.

The veteran-owned contractor has recently introduced some of the latest concrete textures and colors, allowing for the creation of highly decorative retaining walls, patios, pool decks, and driveways. The firm offers end-to-end management of the installation process, which for retaining walls, includes surveying the area, excavation, and finishing.

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Patriot Concrete’s latest update is intended to increase the range of design options available to local homeowners. The firm explains that concrete is a highly durable and cost-effective material, creating the possibility for visually appealing features that can be completed on a limited budget.

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, American homeowners spent approximately $54 billion on improvements to their yard in 2021, which includes walls, driveways, swimming pools, and other recreational features. This accounted for over 15% of all renovation projects carried out.

Patriot Concrete explains that retaining walls serve a functional purpose, helping to support soil and manage drainage on natural slopes. However, the firm also points out that such structures can also be turned into visual features, and the recent allows for greater creative scope.

“Concrete retaining walls play an important role in landscaping, erosion control, and property drainage,” a company representative explained. “They’re also a great option for creating an aesthetically appealing look in your yard. Our team works with homeowners to choose a design that is not only long-lasting and maintenance-free, but also adds an element of style to a backyard.”

About Patriot Concrete

Part of a network of veteran owned contractors in the wider Chattanooga region, Patriot Concrete can integrate its services with more comprehensive home improvement projects, offering an all-in-one solution for local homeowners. Where possible, the firm sources materials locally in an ongoing effort to support the local community.

“I got Patriot Concrete to put in a new retaining wall,” one client recently stated. “The team was so easy to work with during the estimate process, and the price was very reasonable. The work was completed quickly and the new wall looks great. I will definitely use them again.”

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