Middletown, NJ Lawn & Shrub Care: Fertilization, Weed Control Services Updated

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South River, New Jersey-based lawn care solutions provider Healthy Lawn (+1-732-490-1450) has updated its lawn and shrub fertilizing and weed control services.

The company’s enhanced fertilizing services provide grass with the proper foundation and nutrients to keep it healthy through each season. Healthy Lawn brings years of experience and a team of certified professionals to deliver high-quality fertilizing solutions that cater to the needs of each property.

More information can be found at https://www.healthylawnnj.com/services

The company provides homeowners with customized fertilization products and techniques to maintain lush lawns all year round. Grass and soil conditions are meticulously diagnosed and evaluated by trained technicians to determine the most suitable treatment plan for each yard.

“When it comes to maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn, proactively setting the right foundation with the health of your soil is an important step that’s often overlooked,” a company representative says. “Our custom lawn fertilizer blends provide your lawn with enhanced micronutrients to properly set it up with exactly what it needs to thrive during each season.”

Specially formulated fertilizers provide lawns with enhanced micronutrients that promote root development, vibrant color, and overall plant health. Applied through precise methods, the nutrients reach the roots where they are needed most, resulting in a thriving and resilient landscape.

Additionally, Healthy Lawn has implemented a comprehensive fertilization program to ensure laws receive appropriate seasonal care. The plan involves the application of early and late spring fertilizers with pre-emergent weed protection, custom summer blends that protect from heat stress and drought, and fall fertilizers that encourage growth and strong root development during colder temperatures.

Other lawn care solutions are also available, including tree and shrub care, aeration and seeding, insect management, and disease prevention.

About Healthy Lawn

The family-owned and -operated business has been providing lawn care services to the community of central New Jersey for over a decade. With a commitment to keeping lawns thriving, they are offering their expertise to homeowners and businesses throughout the South River area, as well as Middletown, East Brunswick, Edison, Freehold, Manalapan, and Old Bridge.

A satisfied customer says, “The crew at Healthy Lawn know their business. They have diagnosed problem areas of our lawn and treated them properly. Now, we are constantly getting compliments about our lawn!”

Interested parties may call +1-732-490-1450 or visit https://www.healthylawnnj.com/services

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