Sill-Less Gas Strut Serving Window With Easy Lock, Open Up Design Announced

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Leading manufacturing retailers of gas strut pass-thru awning windows OpenUp Windows announces their long-lasting sill-less window designs, engineered with an easy locking lever for more convenient indoor/outdoor living at home.

In their latest announcement, OpenUp Windows says homeowners can instantly increase their kitchen spaces for better indoor/outdoor living by installing a long-life gas strut awning window. With a sill-less design, the windows sit flush against countertop and tabletop surfaces, making them easy to install, while the company’s 10-year warranty protects every part of the window except the glass.

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A recent report issued by the National Association of Home Builders says not all home renovations will offer the return-on-investment homeowners expect; however, there are some enhancements that will always add value. Creating a more functional kitchen is one of the top ways to increase the appraised value of the home while making it more liveable and enjoyable for homeowners. With their gas strut awning windows, OpenUp Windows gives homeowners a cost-efficient, durable upgrade that offers panoramic views from the kitchen, and a seamless connection to backyard spaces.

“At OpenUp Windows, our priority is to provide homeowners with the finest quality windows that enhance their living spaces,” says a company spokesperson. “Our sill-less window design with easy locking lever offers a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience while ensuring durability and longevity.”

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OpenUp Windows’ founder Ed Page has put his 40 years of window design and engineering experience into creating an industry-leading gas strut pass-through window that opens and closes with the touch of a finger. When engaged, the window stays at a 90-degree angle for ample kitchen-to-patio integration. When closed, the window’s easy-locking lever ensures full insulation and protection from the weather.

Page’s proprietary 2Fold Technology combines the benefits of durable, heavy extruded tubular aluminum with Accoya® wood sash interior and frame. Heavy extruded aluminum is stronger than standard aluminum while Accoya® wood can withstand the elements while protecting against pests and termites. Accoya® is also a sustainable wood and brings a rich natural beauty to the window’s design.

OpenUp Windows’ 10+40-year warranty, a leader in the industry, covers the window frame and components while a 40-year warranty ensures the Accoya frame remains damage-resistant.

For homeowners looking to enhance their home’s value and their everyday living, a long-lasting pass-through awning window from OpenUp Windows is a wise, cost-efficient addition that is easy to install, and guaranteed to last.

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