All-In-One SMB CRM With SMS Drip Campaign, Lead Nurturing Features Announced

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Mogul Synergy, a Fairfield-based sales and marketing automation company, has recently launched an updated version of its all-in-one platform, Synergy TOC.

This enhanced platform provides entrepreneurs with a turnkey solution that is intuitive and designed to eliminate tech overwhelm. According to the company, the platform can increase revenue by up to 68%, thanks to its fully automated marketing features.

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Lead generation is a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs, especially given today’s fragmented media landscape. Synergy TOC seeks to solve this dilemma by offering a system that captures leads quickly and effectively, so businesses can convert them into paying customers.

The platform lets companies reach customers wherever they are, whether it’s through social media, email, text, voicemail, or chat apps. With automatic messaging and nurture campaigns, businesses can engage their leads and become top of mind, increasing the chances of closing more deals.

Further details can be found at potential clients’ consumer journeys, allowing it to identify leads that are closest to purchasing. Furthermore, it offers easy integration with social media platforms, email marketing tools, and customer service support suites.

Using a CRM presents distinct advantages to businesses, including improved customer relationships, increased marketing efficiency, and closer collaboration. By providing a centralized location for customer details, Synergy TOC helps marketing teams reduce errors, improve data accuracy, and glean deeper insights into consumer behaviors.

A spokesperson says: “Our Synergy TOC platform is designed to provide you with a simple yet powerful tool to automate your sales and marketing processes. With our robust solution, you can grow your bottom line without spending more time or money on campaigns.”

Synergy TOC features flexible pricing plans that are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Prospective clients can book a discovery call to know more about the suite and how it can optimize their current marketing practices.


Mogul Synergy is a technology company dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes with intuitive and innovative sales and marketing automation tools. Based in Fairfield, CT, the company works with a broad range of companies to increase their revenue, streamline processes, and accelerate growth.

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