SEO & Content Marketing Strategies For High-Quality Traffic: Services Upated

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Behind the Work (+1 312-477-3600), a reputable digital marketing agency, has updated its services to offer clients the latest SEO and content marketing strategies.

The marketing strategies are designed to drive high-quality traffic through different methods, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing. The update will enhance its current services and integrate SEO tactics with compelling content to generate an influx of qualified leads.

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The decision for the strategic update came from recognizing the need for businesses to tap into organic avenues for growth. With increased online competition, having a reliable and efficient marketing strategy is paramount. Behind the Work’s approach aims to ensure businesses reach their ideal clients with genuine buyer intent.

According to Search Engine Land, SEO and content marketing are strategies that work well together. SEO drives traffic to a website, but the website content builds trust, authority, and loyalty with those prospects.

Behind the Work’s strategy revolves around a comprehensive content marketing service. This service includes intelligent and educational content with keywords optimized for search engines and email marketing. The goal is to attract qualified leads, educate potential customers, and ultimately increase sales funnel activity without relying heavily on paid advertising.

Behind the Work’s marketing consulting helps businesses find the optimal strategy for their goals and targeted audience. With their expertise, they stay updated on the latest trends and adapt to what will give successful results. Other marketing strategy solutions offered are website UI/UX, CRM/Marketing automation, and performance analytics.

Sonny Sultani, the founder and CEO of Behind the Work, has over two decades of industry experience. The HubSpot partner company offers services to different industries, including SaaS and technology, healthcare, and education.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Where other agencies see data as numbers on a page, we see data as poetry – a voice telling the story of your company that weaves together your service, your values, your customer’s needs, and our extensive marketing expertise.”

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