LinkedIn Outbound Sale Automation Tool With Salesforce Integration Announced

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Top LinkedIn marketing automation tool Salesflow announces multi-campaign functionality and Salesforce integration to help B2B start-ups close more deals.

Leading LinkedIn automation tool Salesflow, a SaaS platform that blends AI-driven technologies with in-person support, announces multi-campaign marketing automation with Salesforce integration to help B2B start-ups leverage the power of LinkedIn and convert more sales without building out sales teams.

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With 700 million professionals on LinkedIn, 90 percent of whom drive business decisions, LinkedIn is rife with opportunity. Newly announced marketing automation with Salesforce integration at Salesflow allows B2B start-ups to create cost-effective LinkedIn outreach campaigns targeting thousands of high-value decision-makers so they can initiate more connections and close more deals.

“Salesflow is the safest, most remarkably effective LinkedIn automation platform for generating quality leads,” says a company representative. “Start-ups can meet or exceed their sales goals by targeting quality prospects with multiple campaigns backed by analytics. Campaigns can include links to their websites and services to build brand awareness and drive traffic and all of this happens from one easy and centralized platform.”

Salesflow allows start-ups to scale their LinkedIn outbound sales without scaling their marketing teams. For companies with limited or already earmarked resources, this offers a valuable cost-per-acquisition benefit. Studies show that when Salesflow campaigns are properly personalized and targeted, user revenues can grow by up to 48 percent.

A cloud-based automation tool, Salesflow uses static IPs to ensure secure prospecting outreach that runs on autopilot. Native Salesforce integration allows data from LinkedIn to be sent to start-up CRMs instantly for up-to-the-minute profile management. Start-ups can create simultaneous outreach campaigns involving 400 invites and 800 open InMails per month.

With hyper-personalization capabilities, Salesflow also allows the user to create follow-up message sequences of up to 2,000 per month. Live key campaign insights allow the user to understand their connection volumes and response rates, and tweak campaigns as necessary to improve lagging outcomes.

One user remarked: “Salesflow helped us quickly and efficiently increase the number of invitations sent out to 4,636, leading to an impressive total of 1,391 new connections. This resulted in 50 demos which equaled £500,000 in the pipeline, and five new deals worth £10,000 each closed.”

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