LinkedIn Multi-Campaign Lead Generation To Close Deals For Startups, Update

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Leading LinkedIn automation platform Salesflow announces its latest feature update aimed at helping startups and growing SMBs close more deals.

The newly released update allows startups to streamline their LinkedIn workflow for enhanced conversion rates. Native Salesforce integration helps companies make better use of their data while saving time and effort on contact and activity updates. Easy multi-campaign lead generation means Startups can turn redundant outbound sales strategies over to Salesflow which, based on targeting criteria, will deploy simultaneous prospecting and follow-up initiatives for increased deal transactions.

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Startups often struggle to generate quality leads efficiently which can hamper growth potential. With a newly introduced suite of features, Salesflow’s LinkedIn automation platform helps bridge this challenge. The platform’s multi-messaging functionality and AI-assisted features allow startups to create hundreds of hyper-personalised outreach campaigns targeting prospect decision-makers to drive conversions and close more deals.

“Salesflow is the safest and most remarkably effective LinkedIn automation platform available today,” says a company spokesperson. “Start-ups, agencies, and sales teams can save four to eight hours per week on tasks that would otherwise be done manually, turning their LinkedIn profiles into lead converting sales machines.”

Key to the platform’s advantages for startups is its speed and cost-efficiency. By connecting businesses with more qualified leads, the platform has been shown to increase lead conversions by close to 3 percent, boosting reported revenues by 48 percent.

Based on targeting criteria, Salesflow automatically finds and connects with ideal prospects. Businesses can send 400 invites per month, 800 Open InMails, and up to 2,000 personalised follow-up messaging sequences. Native Salesforce integration helps update all contact activities, making it easier to track progress and ultimately close more deals.

A centralized dashboard controls and manages simultaneous LinkedIn campaigns, providing analytics and key performance insights. Advanced filters with AI reply detection highlight the most promising leads and screen out negative replies. Campaigns can be monitored in real time, allowing for any adjustments to correct underperforming initiatives.

By providing an affordable way to generate more quality leads, Salesflow has helped users in over 120 countries scale and develop their revenues.

Founder of Visyond, Gianluca Bisceglie says, “Salesflow helped us quickly and efficiently increase the number of invitations sent out to 4,636 leading to an impressive total of 1,391 new connections. This in turn resulted in 515 replies received, 50 demo’s which equaled to £500,000 in pipeline, 15 trial users and 5 deals closed which were all worth £10,000 each.”

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