Creative Marketing Solutions For SMBs: A+ BBB Rated Agency Service Expands

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Award-winning agency London : Los Angeles, or LO:LA, (+1-310-753-2893) has announced its creative marketing service which recently earned them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Following the announcement, the agency provides a wide range of creative marketing solutions that cover branding, website enhancement, marketing campaigns, and content creation.

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With LO:LA’s services now being certified by the BBB, business owners can be confident they are partnering with an award-winning marketing team recognized for its trustworthiness, quality, and high level of customer service.

As an estimated 81% of consumers research a business or service prior to committing to a purchase, the importance of online marketing is more vital than ever for businesses across all industries. However, not all marketing agencies are created equal, and finding a trusted, reliable partner that stands out can be a challenge. To make this search easier, the BBB provides information on various service providers, including marketing agencies, to guide them in the right direction.

LO:LA’s A+ rating, in particular, is the top grade given by the bureau, meaning that the agency operates in a trustworthy manner and has strong credibility and reputation.

The agency’s creative marketing services cover key areas such as ‘Brand & Identity,’ ‘Websites & Digital Platforms, ‘Content Marketing,’ and ‘Campaign Marketing’. For each of these areas, the team takes a custom approach to learn about their client’s goals before developing content that encapsulates their ideas.

LO:LA’s signature service is its ‘Brand In A Box’ solution, developed for small to mid-sized businesses looking to create a memorable brand. The offering encompasses the development of a logo, website, and content that facilitates business owners’ efforts in developing brand identity and connecting with their ideal customer base.

In addition to their A+ BBB rating, the creative marketing agency recently received 3 Communicator Awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for their work with Fable and Joyfull.

Small business owners looking to learn more about LO:LA’s services can find case studies of their past work on the agency’s website.

When asked about what makes the agency stand out from other sector players, a spokesperson for LO:LA said, “We approach every project through nimble, intelligent collaboration and always with full transparency, involving you every step of the way.”

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