Why Should You Take Your Cissp Certification Right Now?

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(Newswire.net — June 13, 2023) — Cyber attacks and data breaches aren’t going anywhere. Any business or company with digital data is at risk of being hacked. This nefarious online activity has increased the need for cybersecurity professionals, the best of which is CISSP certified.

You should take your CISSP certification right now for several different reasons. Destination Certification CISSP can help to broaden your cybersecurity horizons. If you are an IT professional considering upgrading your resume, now is the time. We’ll give you plenty of reasons why.

What Is CISSP Certification?

The International Information System Security Certificate Consortium or ICS2 grants CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification. This worldwide nonprofit organization validates an IT professional’s knowledge, experience, and hands-on talent in cybersecurity. Obtaining CISSP certification involves more than simply passing an exam. The prerequisites include a 4-year college degree, among other things.

CISSP candidates must have at least five years of paid employment in two or more of the eight domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge. These domains are:

  • Security and risk management
  • Asset security
  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Communication and network security
  • Identity and access management (IAM)
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security operations
  • Software development security

Upon completing the exam, the candidate must agree to the ISC2 Code of Ethics and pay the first annual maintenance fee.

What Are the Benefits of CISSP Certification?

Once certified, you’ll be recognized worldwide as an IT cybersecurity expert. With only approximately 94,000 CISSPs in the United States, you’ll join the ranks of the best of the best. Along with recognition, there are other benefits to taking your CISSP certification right now. There’s no reason to wait when there’s so much to gain.

Become a Highly Desirable Job Candidate

Adding CISSP certification to your resume significantly increases your chances of obtaining your desired job. Employers and job recruiters will immediately be confident that you’re among the highest-qualified candidates for high-paying cybersecurity positions.

Increase Your Salary

Those with CISSP certification receive some of the highest salaries within the IT world. Employers know that professionals with this certification have spent the time and the money to increase their value in the workforce. Since maintaining CISSP certification requires ongoing education, they know that you’re committed to your chosen career.

Network With Other CISSPs

It’s required to become a member of ISC2 once certified. With approximately 168,000 members worldwide, you have access to the community of cybersecurity experts. Networking is a great way to find more challenging opportunities or help troubleshoot a particularly difficult issue.

Increase Your Cybersecurity Knowledge

To maintain your CISSP certification, you need to continue your cybersecurity education. CISSP certification is only valid for 3 years. Within that time, you must earn 120 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits. This ensures that those with CISSP certification remain current on new technology or protocols in the cybersecurity industry. You have a much deeper knowledge of information security issues and the tools to solve the issues.

What is the CISSP Job Market Like Now?

Cyber attacks on businesses, both big and small, are rising. No business is immune to becoming a target. Security Magazine reports that cyber-attacks recently increased by 38% in 2022. What’s bad news for companies can be good news for the CISSP community.

With this increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches, the demand for competent, highly educated cybersecurity professionals is rising. Companies of all sizes and industries seek to hire experts with CISSP certification. Cyberseek reports a whopping 97,500 job opportunities in the United States advertising for positions that require CISSP certification.

Although cybersecurity is becoming increasingly popular, there is a severe shortage of CISSPs. Once certified, this shortage can help you to have more opportunities to find the position you like for a company you respect.

Now is The Time to Get Your CISSP Certification

With cyber-attacks on the rise and insufficient IT professionals with CISSP certification, now is the time to get certified. If you can meet the prerequisites, there’s no good reason to procrastinate. Better salary, better job opportunities, and significantly increasing cybersecurity knowledge are just a few of the many benefits of becoming CISSP certified.