Rolling Out Online Business At Home, Live Coaching For Entrepreneurs Launched

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Path2Excel has announced a series of educational webinars for new entrepreneurs looking to learn how to build and develop their own online businesses that they can run from home.

The newly announced 8-week training webinars from Path2Excel will teach entrepreneurs on how to kickstart their ventures, build email marketing lists, use Facebook advertising, and partner with online influencers.

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By joining the recently announced webinars, individuals are offered “Do-It-With-You” partnership to learn sales and marketing strategies for launching a home-based business regardless of their past experience or technical knowledge.

As the world of entrepreneurship continues to grow, there are more and more individuals who are interested in creating their own work-from-home lifestyle. However, many aspiring entrepreneurs who have the desire to build an online business are often unsure of how to get started. That’s why Path2Excel curated a series of educational training webinars for those wishing to build and grow their own businesses.

By laying out their training into an 8-week course, Path2Excel allows attendees to take the time to learn each aspect of building an online business with over-the-shoulder training throughout each stage. The sessions start with an initial outline of sales and marketing to explain key concepts and strategies that will be used throughout the course.

Following the initial training, Path2Excel’s webinars cover key marketing areas, such as how to build an engaged email list and how to successfully use Facebook advertising to generate leads.

In addition to the educational webinars, the program also includes access to an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can support each other throughout their training. Members also receive 2 weeks of live support from the program’s team to assist them with launching their first products.

Created by Kishor Akshinthala, Path2Excel’s training brings together his 25 years of marketing experience, which has seen him launch multiple start-ups and develop his extensive industry insight. Kishor is also focused on staying up-to-date with the latest innovations, such as the use of Conversational AI Bots in marketing, information he can then pass on to attendees of his training webinars.

A past attendee of Path2Excel’s training said, “I got my business set up and running in less than 8 weeks. It’s an amazing system with excellent support.”

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