New AI Mini Groups For Facebook: An Innovative Digital Marketing Strategy 2023

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New upgrade to 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition introduces this innovative business in a box that is a cutting edge ‘almost done-for-you’ online business program for 2023.

The Profitable Expat has announced a new upgrade to Caleb O’Dowd’s breakthrough program called The 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition.

7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition has multiple new features designed to make life a lot easier for marketers, existing business owners, service providers, and people who are looking to start a new, lucrative online business.

This innovative business teaches people how to use AI Mini Groups on Facebook to attract highly targeted leads and sell them highly desirable products and services. It’s a business-in-a-box that has already trained the AI software to produce content at an expert-marketer level. The all-new suite of cutting-edge AI marketing tools will actually carry out about 90% of the work that needs to be done, allowing people to focus on other important aspects of their business and life.

The pre-trained AI software is waiting to create all the necessary content that AI Mini Groups require, making this the most innovative online business of 2023. Hidden within the software is the gift of time that is given back to each student who utilizes the platform—something more powerful and meaningful than any business or tool could ever be.

O’Dowd’s AI platform consistently produces ‘better than human’ results in the form of expert sales copy that is absolutely second to none, ready to use, unique, highly relevant, and available instantly with no AI training period required..

Interested parties can watch a live demonstration of the changes to 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition by Caleb O’Dowd here.

The upgrade to this already impressive online business program was brought about by today’s unprecedented advancements in AI technology, which incentivized Mr. O’Dowd to create his proprietary software platform. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future.

Caleb O’Dowd, creator of 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition, highly successful online marketer and entrepreneur, responsible for selling hundreds of millions of dollars online, had this to say:

“7-Figure AI Mini Groups are the greatest breakthrough in Internet marketing history.”

People can find out more about the upgraded 7-Figure AI Mini Groups Platinum Edition by watching a FREE presentation by Caleb O’Dowd that can be found here.