Santa Barbara Winery Solar Installer: Agricultural System Installation Announced

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Gradient Solar Systems (951-617-6937) has updated its brokerage services, connecting winery and vineyard owners in Santa Barbara to its network of installers.

The solar brokerage’s latest announcement reflects changes in the Californian agricultural industry and the increasing importance of sustainability to local consumers. Its updated services cater to wineries and vineyards, whose energy production needs may differ from other types of agriculturalists and growers.

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The team of solar advisors can connect clients with energy system installers and maintenance experts equipped to work on large-scale crop-growing operations, boutique tasting rooms, and small-batch wineries.

Gradient Solar Systems works with solar companies and vetted installation professionals to convert local homes and businesses to greener energy solutions. In addition to wineries and vineyards, the brokerage has helped farms, orchards, and food processing facilities better utilize their ground and roof space and reduce overheads by switching to solar.

Recent research by the USDA found that energy bills account for up to 6% of expenditure for wineries, a figure that can make the difference between success and failure in such a volatile and environmentally dependent industry. By partnering with Gradient Solar Systems, wineries can now achieve energy independence, increase their property value, and reduce their environmental impact.

Given the growing popularity of ecological products and the greater awareness of ethical business practices, almost three-quarters of wineries in California currently hold sustainability certifications.

“More and more wineries include information about their sustainability practices right on the wine bottle. It’s a key selling point for wine lovers”, a spokesperson for the brokerage said, explaining how the switch to solar can be leveraged by growers as part of their ethical business strategies.

In addition to appealing to environmentally-conscious buyers, a winery’s electrical conservation system can decrease their dependence on energy from the grid, which may have been produced by burning fossil fuels. As such, through Gradient Solar Systems’ network of installers, wineries can become self-sufficient while minimizing their carbon footprint.

As well as reducing electricity bills, the transition to solar enables agriculturalists to generate energy that can be used to power their equipment, eliminating grid dependence and mitigating running costs. Moreover, through solar, business owners can sell excess energy back to the grid or join a community solar program.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling 951-617-6937.