EPA Compliant Mask Supplier For Private Practices, Bulk Order Rates Announced

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SurgiMac, a US-based medical and dental supplier, has launched new EPA-compliant single-use masks, manufactured and independently tested in the USA, which are available to healthcare professionals through their updated bulk rate service.

Healthcare professionals across the USA can access these new EPA-compliant SurgiMac brand protective masks at bulk rates, which are only available for clinics, dental practices, and hospice workers.

More information about SurgiMac brand masks, US-manufactured PPE, and bulk rates for healthcare professionals can be found at https://surgimac.com/collections/protective-masks

The new masks are manufactured on Long Island, NY, and have been independently tested by Nelson Labs, to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. Testing shows these products are fluid-resistant at a pressure of 160 mmHg, and premium filters are available that protect against 99% of particles larger than 0.1 μm, for a Particulate Filter Efficiency (PFE) of 99%.

All SurgiMac brand masks are made using 3-ply eco-friendly materials, with low breathing resistance. They contain no latex or fiberglass and are fully compliant with ASTM standards.

While these masks, and most other SurgiMac products, are available to the public, the bulk rate is only available to registered clinics. Registration is available at no cost for any private or public practice, hospital, hospice, or dentist, using a simple application on the SurgiMac website.

Though SurgiMac manufactures its own PPE locally, they also carry a wide range of protective masks, gloves, and apparel from other trusted brands, including 3M, Dynarex, and McKesson. Detailed specifications for each product are available on the company’s website, and the full report from Nelson Labs for SurgiMac branded masks is available on request.

To access these products with faster turnaround times, registered users can apply for same-day shipping, at no additional cost. To access fast shipping, clients only have to place an order before noon, EST, and the SurgiMac team will ensure that their package is placed on a delivery truck the same day.

Clients can also access a wide range of surface disinfectants, surgical instruments, and other tools from SurgiMac’s authorized partners, including Septodont, Pierrel Pharma, and Biofreeze.

A spokesperson explained, “At SurgiMac, we want to make sure you find the product you’re looking for. If you don’t see it in our catalog, just let us know and we’ll work hard to get it for you.”

More information about SurgiMac bulk rate medical and dental supplies, registration for same-day shipping, and the full catalog of products can be found at https://surgimac.com

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