LinkedIn Automation Tool For Lead Conversion With 2-Way Zapier Sync Updated

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Cost-effective LinkedIn automation tool Salesflow announces updated platform features including two-way Zapier integration designed to boost lead conversions for growing businesses.

With this latest announcement, Salesflow helps growing businesses reach their sales targets without scaling internal teams. Both SaaS and service, Salesflow blends AI-enhanced outreach with a centralised admin dashboard and two-way Zapier integration for automated marketing campaign efficiencies that can drive a 48 percent increase in revenues.

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Growth and long-term viability within B2B environments rely heavily on efficient prospecting for maximum lead conversion rates. The newly announced enhancements at Salesflow optimise these fundamentals by allowing growing businesses to automate their outbound marketing efforts on today’s number one B2B lead generation channel, LinkedIn. Two-way Zapier functionality allows users to leverage the power of over 3,000 apps for seamless data transfer back and forth between Salesflow and their CRM.

“When you scale your outreach you close more deals faster,” says a company spokesperson. “Salesflow is trusted by over 1,000 users because it’s an affordable way to generate more leads and convert more sales which means increased revenues without increasing sales teams.”

Salesflow allows B2B entities to create and schedule hundreds of hyper-personalised outreach campaigns simultaneously, which they can monitor in real time via their admin dashboard. Businesses can capture keywords and leverage the platform’s AI message sequence templates to create outbound campaigns tailored to prospect needs at a volume of 400 invites and 800 InMails per month. They can also schedule unlimited follow-up messages.

Salesflow’s technologies filter out negative prospect replies while highlighting positive connections and interactions. Businesses can therefore direct their efforts toward prospects with a higher chance of converting at volumes cold emailing, advertising, and even manual outreach can’t match.

Live key performance insights allow the user to monitor their campaigns and tweak underperformers as needed. Dashboard analytics also allow the user to understand connection volumes and response rates so messages and campaigns can be refined accordingly.

Multiple data organisation options that include customisable inbox filters, unlimited webhooks, and a suite of native CRM integrations help keep hundreds of campaigns and connections organised and up to date. With two-way Zapeir integration, users can set up an automated multi-touch sales sequence that draws on their CRM’s data for cost-effective customer acquisition and better pipeline management.

Salesflow client and president at Inbox Attack says, “Salesflow allowed us to scale our business by about 25%. The ease of operation and increase in outreach efficiency allowed us to increase our revenues when running outreach for clients.”

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