Sustainable Gas Strut Awning Window With Full-Bound Sill For Kitchen Updated

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OpenUp Windows announces their updated sustainable gas strut awning windows with a full-bound sill for effortless installation. The innovative pass-through window designs create extra kitchen space while enhancing indoor and outdoor living.

Already a leading provider of pass-through windows with the proprietary 2Fold Technology,® OpenUp Windows announces an updated sustainable gas strut awning window with a full-bound sill. This breakthrough design not only simplifies window installations but also ensures seamless integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering homeowners a more functional and spacious kitchen.

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With a thoughtfully designed full-bound sill, OpenUp Windows’ new gas strut awning windows eliminate the bulky stool and apron areas that come with a traditional window. This allows the awning window to be mounted on any countertop or tabletop for flush and seamless alignment, streamlining its aesthetic and enhancing utility.

“We are thrilled to introduce our gas strut awning windows with a full-bound sill,” says Ed Page, company founder, inventor, and chief engineer. “This remarkable design not only simplifies installation, but also improves the overall indoor/outdoor living experience at home. Our gas strut awning windows have revolutionized the way homeowners enjoy their kitchens, bars, patios, and decks for five years running, and we’re not stopping now.”

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In addition to their sustainability and easy installation, OpenUp Windows’ gas strut pass-through windows provide enhanced energy efficiency. Each window is made with two pieces of 3/16” glass – tempered for safety – separated by a space that creates a 5/8” air pocket between the two layers, doubling the insulation quotient. Additionally, a thin layer of metal on the inboard layer of the outer pane reflects UV rays so kitchens stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Page’s proprietary 2Fold Technology combines custom extruded aluminum for superior strength with Accoya® wood sash interiors and frames. While the aluminum engineering adds to the window’s durability, the Accoya® wood offers a natural beauty and rich finish. Sustainably harvested and treated with a vinegar solution, Accoya® wood frames can withstand extreme weather and are resistant to pests and termites.

OpenUp Window’s superior craftsmanship and reliable durability make their gas strut awning windows a cost-effective kitchen element. They can replace older double-hung windows or be worked into new home plans for a contemporary, spacious kitchen layout.

With the introduction of the full-bound sill, OpenUp Windows continues to deliver innovative solutions for improved indoor/outdoor living at home, and value-added utility that bodes well on the real estate market.

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