Online Content Marketing Coach Unveils Secrets To Scaling Consulting Agencies

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Leading business coach Jeanne Omlor has announced its Business Success Accelerator course for consulting agencies.

This course is intended for aspiring coaches and consultants who are seeking to monetize their knowledge, and is now in its second iteration. The course will connect participants with a group of peers to learn from Jeanne how to establish an initial client base without relying on traditional advertising.

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During their time with Jeanne Omlor’s recently expanded course, participants will learn the strategies that Jeanne employed when pursuing her own successful career, to establish themselves in the industry. Her methods focus on targeting interested parties in one’s existing network, using channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn to draw in the first clients, establishing the basis for further growth.

This course is intended to provide those who are looking to build a career in consulting with the personal-level support required to continue on even in the face of hardship. By allowing them to join a group of other motivated individuals, Jeanne hopes to provide the motivation required to push through difficult periods to find success on the other side.

Many of Jeanne’s clients cite her mindset coaching as essential to their successes in the industry. She focuses on celebrating wins and learning from losses, which is the strategy that she used to overcome hardship at the start of her career.

One client remarked on this strategy, saying, “If you have not done mindset coaching, you need to. It is powerful stuff; when we are no longer struggling with our personal demons, we can knock it out of the park. Every time I coached myself into a place where I truly believed that my program is going to be full and my clients are going to love it, my business has grown. It is an amazing thing.”

Jeanne is considered by many to be among the most successful “authenticity-based” marketers in the industry. She has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women and has received several commendations for her work as an executive recruiter in the financial industry.

She is available now to provide personal consultations with each potential client, to discuss their individual goals and experience levels. She will determine whether her course is the correct choice for the situation during this initial conversation – her ideal clients are, in her words, “smart, go-getters who want to fulfill their ultimate potential.”

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